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Fight Night: Rising Week 95 Recap

Coming off the back of a thrilling Challenger Series, we have Fight Night: Rising Week 95! After not making the final lobby at the Challenger Series, After not making it to the Regional Finals, Yippemaokaiyay will be looking to get revenge in his second straight week of Fight Night. WizardTFT and Guffee also make return appearances, with Kayndrew back around for his third consecutive week. Alongside them is a crop of twelve new competitors looking for their share of the weekly $300 prize pot. With that out of the way, let’s see how they all fared!

The opening lobbies for tonight's Fight Night: Rising!

Lobby A

Despite contesting each other's boards, M3rcur1aL01 and Kayndrew clinch the top two spots. Both ran similar Striker team comps, but M3rcur1aL01’s Bruisers managed to grab the win over Kayndrew’s Socialites. WizardTFT fell at the same time as Kayndrew, with Hypnoticus0108 coming fourth a few turns earlier. 

It’s said that good things come in pairs; that certainly rings true for M3rcur1aL01, who picked up his second straight win of the night, this time rocking a Clockwork team starring Draven and Zeri. Kayndrew saw himself drop down one place in Game Two. Vallkyrion and Peebo found a new home in the top four, as Vallkyrion grabbed second and Peebo got fourth.

When you win the first two games of the night, what’s the harm in taking down a third? Ending the opening lobby with a perfect 30 points, M3rcur1aL01 earned yet another victory with a Zeri carry, only this time with a Debonair supporting cast. Kayndrew ended his streak of top fours with an unfortunate eighth place after being contested by Vallkyrion for Strikers. Connerisme scored his first top four of the night. Hypnoticus0108 and his Twinshot Bodyguards took third, while Peebo came up just shy of stopping M3rcur1aL01’s three-peat.

Lobby B

Even with Guffee contesting him until the end, Loomykev11 took his Mutant team to the top of a lobby that saw half of the participants fighting past round five. His Jeweled Lotus and Arcanist Heart Augments were enough to steal gold, while Loomykev11 was left with just bronze. Harukawa Maki slid between the two to grab second, while Firestorm rounded out the top four. 

Lobby B took a huge swerve from Lobby A when Loomykev11, last game’s winner, dropped from first to eighth. In his place was HyperSpaceLAN, whose Syndicates won a hard-fought battle with Guffee. Yippemaokaiyay got his first podium finish of the night with a group of Hextechs. Meanwhile, Harukawa Maki threw three Chalices of Power on Orianna to make the top half of the lobby.

The final game of the opening lobbies saw Lobby B produce its third game-winner, this time being Yippemaokaiyay. He utilized Double Trouble II and the ever-powerful Sharpshooter Augments to first takedown Loomykev11’s Mutants, then Guffee’s Chemtech Challengers, before clinching the win over Nexthy’s Hextechs. 

With the opening lobbies wrapped up, the Final Lobby's makeup had been finalized. For the first time in a couple of weeks, there are not an equal amount of players from Lobbies A and B. Only three made it out from Lobby A: M3rcur1aL01, Peebo and Hypnoticus0108 secured their spots in the Final Lobby. That means five players from Lobby B qualified: Guffee, Harukawa Maki, Yippemaokaiyay, Loomykev11, and HyperSpaceLAN. 

Unfortunately, Kayndrew came up one point short of making a third straight Final Lobby. Also, since it takes about 44 points to make the top four of the Final Lobby, M3rcur1aL01 likely only needs one top-four placement to make it to next week’s Fight Night. Now that we know our Final Lobby, let’s head into the last two games!

The leaderboard going into tonight's Final Lobby.

Final Lobby

Yippemaokaiyay may not have made the Final Lobby of the Challenger Series, but he showed up in this one by winning Game One. Draven and Friends™ combined with Thrill of the Hunt II and Very VIP were enough to grab the first twenty-point bag of the night. Peebo and Harukawa Maki shared some core units but took them in different directions. Peebo went Socialite Bodyguards while Harukawa Maki went Innovators, and it was Peebo that got second, leaving Harukawa Maki in third. The last player in the top half was Guffee, who rocked an Ahri with Jeweled Lotus. Hypnoticus0108 and Loomykev11 got fifth and sixth, while M3cur1al01 ended his dominant streak by getting seventh. That leaves HyperSpace LAN in eighth to round out Game One of the Final Lobby.

With everything to play for, all eight competitors put in amazing performances, but unfortunately, seven of them had to come up short in the Final Game. The first to fall was Guffee, whose Zeri didn’t get enough time to shine and bring him up the scoreboard. Next came HyperSpace LAN, who found himself still at level seven when he ran out of health at Round 5-5. Last game’s winner Yippemaokaiyay came in sixth after having his Mutant dreams stifled by the fifth-place finisher, Hypnoticus0108. Despite Yippemaokaiyay having a Mutant Emblem, Hypnoticus0108 had the Mutant Heart and just enough to lose less health when they died in Round 6-2. The bottom of the top half also fell during 6-2, though not running a Mutant comp. Peebo went with Bruisers, which looked to be on a good track after hitting Bruiser Crest as his final Hextech Augment. Unfortunately, he went down while still holding on to 52 gold. The top three of this game began with M3cur1al01 making up for his relatively disappointing start to the Final Lobby. All it took was three-star Lucian stacked with two Jeweled Gauntlets and topped off with Backfoot I. Even with Tiny Titans to give his all-star team of Draven and Zeri more time to thrive, Loomekev11 found himself just short of being the winner of this week’s Final Lobby! That leaves Harukawa Maki, rocking a Draven of his own, to win the night's final game!

With all eight of this week’s games in the books, we can determine which of our players are moving on to next week’s Fight Night: Rising. Harukawa Maki may have started the Final Lobby twelve points behind M3cur1al01, but he ended the night ahead of him by four points to win the night and take home $100! The other three players moving on to next week are M3cur1al01, Peebo, and Yippemaokaiyay!

The leaderboard after the Final Lobby. Congrats to Harukawa Maki!

Wanna see how these four players stack up against the twelve new players that arrive next week? Tune in at 9 PM EDT for the next edition of Fight Night: Rising!

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