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Fight Night: Rising Week 96 Recap

After taking a week off for the NA Regional Finals, Fight Night: Rising is back for our 96th edition! As we storm towards the 100th edition, four returning players are looking to make it to next week’s event. Harukawa Maki, M3rcur1aL01, and Peeba are back for seconds this week, while Yippemaokaiyay is ready for his third straight week. They’re not alone, though, as twelve new competitors fight for the four spots in next week’s Fight Night and their share of the $250 prize pot. Let’s get into the action!

Lobby A

An oldie but a goodie, Arcanists take the first game of Lobby A behind Dubious Donger. Sometimes it doesn’t have to get more complicated than kitting out Viktor and Ahri to take home the first lobby of the night. Overrated NA and Yippemaokaiyay took second and third with, minus one exception, the same Hextech team. Peeba rounds out the top four with Innovators. 

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. After finishing in the top half of last game’s lobby, Peeba ran the Innovators again, this time with a Clockwork twist. That twist was all he needed to secure victory in Game Two after getting both Clockwork Heart and Clockwork Soul augments. Yeesper’s Innovators without Clockwork got second, followed by k3u ph and Overrated NA. 

Strikers got their chance to shine tonight behind Overrated NA’s winning performance. All it took was a Striker Crest and his four best units completely covered in items by Binary Airdrop. Unfortunately for k3u ph, that meant settling for second with his Infinity Force Draven. Quocty gets his first top four of the night with Six Snipers, followed by Dubious Donger rocking the Arcanists again to finish in the top half of the lobby. And yes, for those wondering, Peeba did play Innovators for the third straight game. 

Lobby B

Perhaps M3rcur1al01 just performs better in the opening lobbies. After winning every game in the opening lobby last week, he starts off his second week of competition with another win in the opening lobby alongside Mutants and three-star Malzahar. Harukawa Maki got second, followed by Step Sis with the Bruisers and A Good Wobble with the Bodyguards.

His undefeated streak in the opening rounds couldn’t last forever, though, as M3rcur1al01 dropped to third in Game Two. In his place was FxNinja and his Hextech Team. Harukawa Maki showed his consistency by getting another second, and finishing off the top four was ProViperTV playing with no synergies (not counting Mastermind) after landing Built Different I. 

The bad news for Harukawa Maki is that he broke his consistent streak of second-place finishes. The good news is that he replaced those second places with a shiny first place by running Socialite Innovators. Gold Socialites were present in three of the top four teams, with Step Sis and ProViberTV combining them with Challengers and Mutants, respectively. The odd man out was FxNinja, who got third by running an Innovator team.

After both opening lobbies had wrapped up, all eight Final Lobby competitors were determined. This week featured four players from each opening lobby. From Lobby A came Overrated NA, Dubious Donger, Peeba, and k3u ph. Hailing from Lobby B was Harukawa Maki, M3cur1al01, Fxninja, and Step Sis. That means that the curse of the third week continues, as Yippemaokaiyay is yet another player to not make it past three weeks alongside Kayndrew and PoisonEnder. With the Final Lobby ready to go, let’s get into the last two matches!

Final Lobby 

At some point, your opponents have to know it’s coming. And yet, Peeba is able to win yet another game by running Innovators. Leave it to a player that has only played Innovators during this event to get an Innovator’s Heart augment. M3cur1al01 took second with Mutants, and Overrated NA took third with Hextechs. Harukawa Maki took his own Innovator team to fourth, and he was followed up by k3h pu. The bottom three were Step Sis, Dubious Donger, and Fxninja.

With only half of the Final Lobby making it to next week’s Fight Night: Rising, there’s everything to play for in the night's Final Game. In last place was k3u ph after not being able to get anything going with Draven and Vi. Seventh was Fxninja with his Chemtech Challengers, and sixth was Step Sis and his Debonair team. The last player in the bottom half of the lobby was Harukawa Maki getting his first finish outside the top four all day. 

After about six minutes of no one getting eliminated, Dubious Donger and his Arcanists clinch the first spot in the top half of the lobby. In the biggest surprise of the day, Peeba decides against playing Innovators. But just like usual, he still finishes high, this time with Enforcer Bruisers. That leaves just the top two spots. It took until Round 7-1, but M3rcur1al01 was finally eliminated after 38 minutes. It was incredibly close, M3rcur1al01 on five health and his opponent on six going into the final round, but ultimately his Hextech enforcers came up just short. 

That means Overrated NA wins the final game of the night! Once again, he utilized Binary Airdrop to give four four-cost units full items. 

And just like that, all eight games of the night were over. After tallying the results, Overrated NA took home first place in Fight Night: Rising Week 96! Not only that, but he got the highest individual point total since the revamped format, scoring 58 points! Not only that, but it was the first week since the revamp where three players scored more than 50 points, with both M3rcur1al01 and Peeba scoring 52. After the tiebreaker, though, M3rcur1al01 did come away with second place. The final competitor moving on to next week is Harukawa Maki, after scoring 46 points. 

Another first-time moment since the revamp is that three players will be making their third-straight appearance next week. Want to see what happens? Tune in this Thursday at 6 PM PDT / 9 PM EDT at to find out!

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