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Fight Night: Rising Week 97 Recap

With just three weeks until our hundredth edition, this is Fight Night: Rising! As always, four returning competitors face off against twelve new ones for a spot in next week’s Fight Night and a cut of $300! This week, we have three players back for their third week in a row: Overrated NA, M3rcu1al01, and Harukawa Maki. Peeba is also back for his second straight week. Without further delay, let’s get started with Lobby A!

Here are the opening lobbies for tonight's Fight Night: Rising!

Lobby A

When a three-star Alistar only gets third place, you know you’ve got yourself a high-rolling lobby. g1ceon came out on top, even after making, at the time, the odd decision of making a Sniper Viktor. It all paid off, though, starting the night with a win. NicNac19 and his Debonairs took second followed up by the aforementioned Alistar team run by Subzeroak. Harukawa Maki’s Syndicates rounded out the top four. 

Sometimes all it takes is hitting a certain augment, and you know what your team will look like. That’s how Bruhbruhbruh WHO structured his team after hitting Stand United II. Nine traits later and he took home Game Two. Harukawa Maki moves up the leaderboard with a snazzy Debonair team, followed by PIGGYYYYYYY’s Renata Bruisers and g1ceon’s Hextech Enforcers.

Bruhbruhbruh WHO doesn’t like to be pinned down to a trait. Instead, he goes for the best units and makes the team out of them. That’s precisely what he did to win Game Three, as six out of his eight units were five-costs. Overrated NA finally makes it on the board by running three unique units after hitting Double Trouble II at the end of a relatively disappointing day. Harukawa Maki keeps up his consistent performance by taking third, and g1ceon guides the only Mutant team of Lobby A to a top-four finish in any of the three games. 

Lobby B

It was a battle of the Hextech teams to decide Game One of the second opening lobbies. Even their Sivir’s had identical item builds. Ultimately, though, MreMOEtional started Lobby B off with a win over i love yesoonim. Jhin and Innovators brought cril to third, and I Am BonAppleT got the final spot in the top half.

Sometimes it isn’t about just trying to fill out all of the units in a trait to win. The top three finishers all had no traits greater than silver (no, single-unit traits do not count). i love yesoonim won Game Two alongside ten completed items after getting the Junkyard augment. Pat Slice Pizza had a similar game plan, having only bronze traits (i love yesoonim had silver Scrap) with a boatload of items. The only difference was he had Component Grab Bag instead of Junkyard. In third was cril, who had only bronze traits. The only player in the top four to max out a trait, or even get close, was peeba running his favorite Innovators comp. 

At first glance, Pat Slice Pizza did what he did last game, not running a full trait and performing exceptionally well. The big difference, though, is that in Game Three, he had six five-cost units that were all two-star. A significant difference that gave him the final win of Lobby B. Twinshots brought a second place to cril, and Hextech finally put M3rcur1al01 in the top four. Mirovi was the last player in top four after playing a solid Debonair team with Binary Airdrop. 

Six matches down and two to go. Once again, the Final Lobby consists of four players from each lobby. While the format doesn’t guarantee that, it certainly does appear to be the trend. From Lobby A, we have Bruhbruhbruh WHO, g1aceon, Harukawa Maki, and NicNac19. And from Lobby B, we have Pat Slice Pizza, cril, i love yesoonim and MreMOEtional. That means that out of the four returning players this week, three have fallen before the Final Lobby. All that remains is Harukawa Maki in his attempt to qualify for a fourth straight week of Fight Night: Rising. With our players all set, let’s get into the final two games!

Here are the results from the opening lobbies. The top eight players move on to the Final Lobby!

Final Lobby

Jhin has been a dominant force in the meta after getting buffed in the recent 12.6 B Patch. There’s no exception here at Fight Night, as yet another player succeeds with The Virtuoso. Though pairing Jhin with a fully kitted Zeri certainly didn’t hurt Bruhbruhbruh WHO in clinching Game One of the Final Lobby. Pat Slice Pizza ran Arcanists into second place and i love yesoonim took Debonairs to third. Rounding out the top four was g1aceon with Strikers. Harukawa Maki starts off the bottom half, followed up by NicNac19, MreMOEtional, and cril. 

With many of the lobby leaders pulling away, the bottom of the table needed to make some upsets to move on to next week’s Fight Night. The first person to fall in Game Two of the Final Lobby was MreMOEtional. A classic case of contested Hextechs ended his run before the end of Round Four. Next up was NicNac19’s Renata Bruisers. The last two to make up the bottom half both fell simultaneously. Luckily for cril, he clinched fifth with his Clockwork team, which left i love yesoonim to take sixth with his team of a whole ton of traits paired with Stand United III. 

The top four teams consisted of three different Arcanist comps. The first of those to fall came one round after cril and i love yesoonim got knocked out. Bruhbruhbruh WHO had a pretty typical Six Arcanists team, though he threw in Three Debonairs to give Brand his VIP bonus. Pat Slice Pizza only had Four Arcanists and was only level seven when he died at 6-1, yet he still managed third place. He played a Reroll Arcanists team that saw him three-star Corgi, Swain, Lulu, and Vex. 

Just a single turn after the third place, the night's final game came to an end. Even with two incredibly similar comps contesting him, Harukawa Maki and his Eight Arcanists still won the day. He high-rolled with High End Shopping and got a great item build for his two-star Viktor. That, unfortunately, left g1aceon and his Eight Hextechs in second. Despite having Backfoot II to boost his Sivir, it wasn’t enough to end the night on a win.

And with that, the standings of the night were set in stone. The winner of the night’s Fight Night: Rising was Bruhbruhbruh WHO with a whopping 56 points! Pat Slice Pizza was right underneath him with 52, followed by g1aceon with 50 and Harukawa Maki with 49. There’s an eight-point gap between Harukawa Maki and the fifth-place finisher, i love yesoonim. 

Here are the results from the Final Lobby. Congrats to Bruhbruhbruh WHO!

Harukawa Maki’s fourth-place finish means he’s showing up to his fourth straight Fight Night Rising! In total, he’s now made $200 from the past three events. Will he increase his total next week? Tune in to at 6 PM PDT/ 9 PM EDT this Thursday to find out!

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