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Fight Night: Rising Week 98 Recap

last weekend’s Last Chance Qualifier featured the best players in North America fighting for their spot at World Final, and Fight Night: Rising was just as intense! As always, four returning players take on twelve newcomers to qualify for next week’s Fight Night and a cut of the $300 prize pot! While three of our returners: Bruhbruhbruh WHO, Pat Slice Pizza, and g1aceon, are back for their second week, Harukawa Maki is on his whopping fourth week. Will he play well enough to make it back for a fifth? Let’s find out!

These are the opening lobbies for this week's Fight Night: Rising!

Lobby A

There’s been a trend in these past few Fight Nights. Boards lacking in full synergies still win on the back of plenty of four and five cost units, and the pattern continued into this week. Drizzlesly took the night's first game with a fully decked-out Kaisa and Zeri. Harukawa Maki got second with Four Clockworks, followed by two Six Striker teams played by Eunhyukie and Bruhbruhbruh WHO. 

Just because a trait isn’t as strong as it used to be doesn’t mean it still can't find success. Despite the nerfs in previous patches, Twinshot did plenty well for Azl333 as he took Game Two over Bruhbruhbruh WHO after he ran a second straight Six Strikers team. The Zeri carry was enough to secure foamgang third, and Harukawa Maki snuck into the top four after dying on the same round as Drizzlesly.

Proving he isn’t just a one-trick pony, Bruhbruhbruh WHO wins without the Six Strikers he’s been playing with all night. Instead, Eight Bruisers ensure Bruhbruhbruh WHO his first win of the night. Harukawa Maki and foamgang fell simultaneously, but it was foamgang who grabbed second place with Arcanists even though he didn’t have Viktor. foamgang’s placement was especially impressive due to his Arcanist comp being contested by Azl333, who got fourth. 

Lobby B

When your augments are Bruiser Heart and Bruiser Crest, it only makes sense to run some Bruisers. Eight of them to be exact if you’re pikachu317. Running Bruisers alongside Renata Glasc and Viktor, pikachu317 snatched the first game of Lobby B. The rest of the teams in the top four all featured at least Four Strikers. Of them will win fell first, followed by Yakatopa, and finally Pat Slice Pizza came in second. 

Strikers have made a recurring appearance during Fight Night this week, and there’s no exception here in Game Two. Pat Slice Pizza threw three Zeke’s Heralds on Jarvan IV to win the game over Yakatopa and his Four Scraps. Spethom got third and will win and his Sniper Enforcers got fourth.

Strikers, Strikers, and more Strikers. This time, Spethom benefits from the comp that’s given so much good fortune to so many tonight. A comp that we haven’t seen much of, though, is Mutants, which Pat Slice Pizza used to get the runner-up spot. Behind Pat Slice Pizza was Yixin, and the final player to make a top-four in the opening lobbies was will win and his Colossi. 

Six matches down and two to go. The opening lobbies saw some pretty dominant performances. Bruhbruhbruh WHO, Harukawa Maki, Pat Slice Pizza, and will win all placed in the top four in every match they played. The king of consistency was will win, who got fourth in all three games. Unfortunately, one of our returning players, g1aceon, had the unfortunate distinction of only placing last in each game, a first-time feat since the revamped format. 

With that, let’s introduce the competitors in the Final Lobby. This week, five players from Lobby A qualified for the Final Lobby. Those are Bruhbruhbruh WHO, Harukawa Maki, Drizzlesly, Azl333, and foamgang. The three players from Lobby B are Pat Slice Pizza, Spethom, and Yakatopa. Despite never finishing outside the top-four, will win failed to make the Final Lobby off the tiebreaker. With all eight players decided, it’s time to run through last week’s final two games!

All the names on the left side are in tonight's Final Lobby!


Final Lobby

Any game with Two Gold and One Prismatic augments is bound to be a good one. Those augments came into full effect for Spethom, who won the lobby with Stand United II and Scholar Soul. Despite not hitting Viktor 2 or running Renata Glasc, he still clutched out a win. I hope you didn’t think you were free from Strikers, as Drizzlesly came in behind on Six Strikers to sweep up the second spot. It was Arcanists for Pat Slice Pizza in third and Innovators for Azl333 in fourth.

Moving down to the bottom half of the lobby, foamgang challenged Pat Slice Pizza for Arcanists and lost, finishing just outside of the top four. Bruhbruhbruh WHO ran a similar game to Spethom, sharing two of the three augments and going for a team that took advantage of Stand United II. It ultimately didn’t work out for him though, as he finished sixth. Yakatopa couldn’t convert his item-focused augments into a winning team, and Harukawa Maki wraps up the first game of the Final Lobby running Debonairs. 

With only eleven points separating third and eighth, it was a tight battle going into the Final Game! The first to go down was Drizzlesly. He had the beginnings of a solid Debonair team by two-starring Leona and Draven, but he couldn’t make it happen. Azl333 got seventh in a similar position, nearly getting a Debonair team going before coming short. Even though foamgang did build out a Five Mutant team, it just wasn’t enough to finish any higher than sixth place. Rounding out the bottom half of the lobby is Pat Slice Pizza. His Four Bodyguards could only stop him from falling further than fifth.

Both fourth and third place fell at Round 6-3. It’s only fitting then that the last Striker team of the night gets the upper hand, securing Harukawa Maki a bronze medal over Spethom. That left just two players at the start of Round 7. Despite hitting the first three-star four-cost unit of the night, Yakatopa just couldn’t go all the way with his Scrap units. That leaves Bruhbruhbruh WHO as the winner of the night’s Final Game, rocking a Debonair team that ended up much more complete than the ones that belonged to seventh and eighth place. 

With all the matches in the books, the winner of Fight Night: Rising 98 was determined. With 52 points, Spethom is the champion! Beneath him are Bruhbruhbruh WHO, Pat Slice Pizza, and Yakatopa, who will be returning for next week’s Fight Night: Rising. Unfortunately, Harukawa Maki will not be coming back for a fifth week, ending his streak at four. 

Congratulations to Spethom for winning this week's Fight Night: Rising!

The fight for fourth place was incredibly close this week, with only seven points separating fourth and eighth place. Want to see how next week’s games go? Tune in to at 6 PM PDT/ 9 PM EDT this Thursday to find out on the next edition of Fight Night: Rising!

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