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Arcane Secret Cinema Event Experience Recap

Hey everybody, Casanova here. This last weekend I was fortunate enough to receive VIP passes from the League Partner Program to go experience the Arcane Secret Cinema event. Wisdom and Giant Slayer sent me down to LA alongside our Social Media Manager Wondermelo so that we could bring a bit of that experience to you all. 

 This event is located in LA and having a limited run with limited tickets means that not everyone gets a chance to do this experience. Plus with filming not being allowed, there is no way to really see what goes on inside. With that being said I wanted to write-up a bit of a walkthrough of how my specific experience in Secret Cinema went so you can get a sense of what goes on in this event. 

So without further ado, let me jump into it. We arrived at the lot for the event tucked away somewhere in LA. It was a bit difficult to see from the road, but with a couple of costumed individuals making their way in, we were able to spot it. There, we met up with Seasonal Champion MajiinBae and CHARM3R and made our way through security who were already roleplaying as though they were from Piltover. We make it through security to an area with lockers where we put our bags and have our phones sealed in a canvas pouch that requires a special tool to unlock. We are given pins with Silco’s seal and told we are “Children of Zaun” which means we will be reporting to Silco himself. 

At this point, a woman named Eureka wearing a steampunk-inspired black dress with her face softly veiled by thin chains started to brief us on the situation in the undercity. She explained the rules of the event “When time is up, your faction must have the most shimmer to win”, but how would we get this shimmer? It was kept relatively vague but with only set rules of ‘No Touching’, ‘If you see an enforcer, drop the shimmer and lay low’, and ‘Shut it when I'm talking’. That last one she said would particularly help you when dealing with Sevika who would be coming by shortly. Finally, she told us that if we encounter any other Children of Zaun we are to put our hand over our heart and say “One Nation”. We shared codenames with the rest of our crew and patiently awaited Sevika to arrive to take us down into the Undercity. 

As we were getting acquainted with the rest of the Children of Zaun we saw her approach: Sevika. Shorter than I would have expected, but she more than made up for it by immediately making us all feel very small. She came in hot, barking orders, hyping up the crew, and chastising those who got anything wrong or weren’t paying attention. Her presence was so damn intimidating that she was perfect for the role and it immediately got us immersed into the world we were walking into. 

After giving us a brief rundown of how she expected us to act once inside, Sevika started to lead us down into the undercity towards Silco’s office. On the way there, Enforcers stopped us on a bridge representing the one that connects Piltover and Zaun. Once stopped there the ground of the chamber started to fill with smoke and the opening bridge scene of Ep. 1 of Arcane started to play projected on the walls of the tunnel we were walking through. As the scene progressed, Enforcers came out and created an opening directly down the center of the audience. From there, character actors playing Vi and Jinx as children came running through and acted out the opening scene from the show. 

All of this was just to set the tone for what was to come. Vi and Jinx clear out, the music hits, similar vibe to when we first see Zaun in Ep. 1. Sevika motions for us to follow and the Children of Zaun fall in line. The other crews break off to find their leaders as we enter The Last Drop. The energy is electric and we pass many characters from the show such as Finn and the other Chem-Barons as their lieutenants lead their crews toward their initial briefs. We make our way to the back of the Last Drop and into Singed’s lab, where we meet Silco and Singed.

This is the point in the journey where, even for other VIP ticket holders, our paths start to diverge. You see, each person who goes through this event will have a different experience so all I can tell you is what I was able to do during my time there. Silco starts by introducing himself, welcoming us in, and saying that Sevika has mentioned: “we have promise”. He then swiftly explains the other Chem-Barons are trying to overthrow him by taking over the Shimmer supply. “They who control Shimmer, control the Undercity”, he says before quickly dispatching the first few from our crew to go and search for canisters of shimmer throughout the venue. He then proceeds to discuss his high level strategy, sending a small group to work with Singed on a secret project and the rest of us to find a man named Jax in the last drop– he would be noticeable by a 3rd eye tattooed on his forehead, a symbol of the Children of Zaun. He wanted us to start putting pressure on one of the Chem-Barons, Finn, and needed us to order a “Black Mark'' which would mark Finn for death. Upon doing so we were to deliver the drink to Finn alongside a sealed letter. 



Once we delivered the drink to Finn he said “Aww what’s this, did Silco’s dogs bring me a drink?”, one of the group replied, “yeah it’s a Black Mark”. Finn laughs asking, “so you’re trying to kill me?”. He then proceeds to try and convert us to his crew, the Slickjaws, and says he does not fear Silco. No one bites but some of the crew bark back, well flirt back? Yeah, CHARM3R kinda flirted with the Chem-Baron for a couple minutes, making him laugh a bunch before we made our way back to Silco to report what had happened. Silco was unbothered by this response and immediately went to work describing our next task to us. We were to go fan out and spread a rumor about Finn, try and get his crew to not respect him so they won't follow him anymore. Finn built his empire on being a famed assassin, but the rumor we were to spread was that he had never actually killed anyone. As you can guess not many of the characters in the Undercity believed this to be true and instead tried to recruit us for their crews, and attempted to get us to flip on Silco. 

One of the lieutenants trying to get me to flip gave me a note to bring to her boss but I wanted to see where the Silco narrative would continue to go so I took the note back to Silco instead. I made it known to him that all the Barons were attempting to turn his Children against him and that he needed to be careful who to trust. He thanked me and asked for a favor, he asked for me to go and insult Finn, loudly, in the middle of the bar, to make a scene. 

Excited for this narrative beat and to see what would happen, I made a B-line for the Last Drop to think of some solid one-liners to have in my back pocket. After seeing CHARM3R going at it with Finn earlier, I knew he was not an easy one to trifle with in a match of wits. I thought up some burns, tipped the security in the VIP section, and started walking towards Finn and his lackeys. 

As I was crossing the bar floor I bumped into another child of Zaun walking with an enforcer, she pulled me aside. I quickly made it clear that I didn’t have any shimmer and didn’t want any trouble. She looked a bit shady and then asked the other Child of Zaun if he trusted me. I put my hand on my heart where my pin was and he said he did. She then told me she was an informant for Silco named Brooke and needed help with some of the biggest hauls of shimmer to get them back to Silco. I figured since shimmer was the main objective, berating Finn could probably wait, and with us collecting CHARM3R to join up on this mission during the briefing it was bound to be exciting.

Brooke, the dirty enforcer, taught us a couple of rules for being an informant but they were dirty piltie rules and I don’t much remember any of that topsider nonsense. She then went on to make sure we knew a bit of Piltover trivia in case we were ever questioned by real enforcers. From there we were able to point her at any other people carrying shimmer and she would go take it from them and give it to us to “escort” back to Silco’s base. 

This was all going fine and dandy but she wanted a bigger score. She wanted us to figure out where all the Chem-Barons had their stashes of shimmer so that we could raid them and bring it all back to Silco. We split up to try and go undercover to figure out where those stashes were and the codes to their safes. We didn’t have much time to do this, but CHARM3R and his wife were able to find two of them and we regrouped with Brooke. 

By the time we made it to Brooke, however, she was in trouble. Another enforcer by the name of Ray had discovered that Brooke had a tattoo of Silco’s sigil, marking her as a child of Zaun. Ray was planning on outing Brooke to the rest of the enforcers so we needed to come up with a plan, and fast. We quickly decided that framing Ray was the best course of action, we needed to plant shimmer on her. But the problem was we didn’t have shimmer in a small enough vial to easily plant it. Brooke informs us of a kid, a member of Silco’s crew that is addicted to shimmer and likely would have a vial on him that he nicked from Singed’s lab. We’re told to confront him and get him to agree to plant it on Ray in exchange for much more later on, and the courtesy of us not ratting him out to Silco. The kid agrees and picks a fight with Vi to make a scene and get the enforcers to come. Vi absolutely rinses his ass in some phenomenally done fight choreography between the two character actors and he’s left coughing on the upper levels of the Undercity. Ray picks him up and brings him towards the prison, he plants the shimmer, and Brooke lets him off with a warning, angering Ray, phase 1 complete.

From there Ray wants to out Brooke to Marcus and runs off to find him. Brooke tells us to stay close and protect her, to have her back and she leads us towards the bridge to Piltover. Upon reaching the bridge we are confronted by Marcus, he asks us a series of questions, the trivia I mentioned earlier that we were supposed to remember, oops. In the moment we got enough of it he was satisfied and Ray approached interrupting the interrogation. She told Marcus that Brooke had a tattoo on her wrist of Silco’s sigil. We yelled back that we could bet Ray had shimmer on her right now. A shouting match ensued before Marcus checked Ray’s pockets and found the shimmer. She was sent to the prison and Brooke and the rest of us continued on our way to try and steal shimmer from the other Chem-Barons. 

As we were busting a couple goons from dropping off shimmer at their depot another enforcer arrived to help and someone blew Brooke’s cover. She was arrested and we went off to find a way to free her. This was the point I thought I’d finally get into my spat with Finn that I’d had in the back of my mind during this mission with Brooke. As I walk my way towards that area once more I’m stopped by Sevika, and she tells me Silco needs more Children of Zaun to escort him to confront another Chem-Baron, Hush. I once again am stopped in my tracks by a plot hook and fall in line to move with Silco. We inform him of Brooke’s imprisonment and he sends another one of his lackeys off to secure her release. 

We follow Silco back to the bridge where he confronts Hush who is trying to pledge his allegiance to Silco, but it seems like a ploy to get more shimmer from us while we’re away from the base. We’d been had, it worked, and all we could do was make our way back in hopes to still get enough shimmer before the time ran out.

As we re-enter the Last Drop, Silco ascends to the balcony for a speech. He addresses us as the one nation of Zaun and the hopes that we can all come together. Afterward, music blares and the character actors start a bit of a rager of a dance party in the big central area. Jinx and all the lieutenants are headbanging and getting the crowd into it– honestly just a rager reminiscent of a metal concert but with touching not allowed so the full mosh pit was denied. With all the bustle, I am unable to find Finn to complete my shouting match quest but at this point we need to just get as much shimmer as we can while the time ticks down. 

We move towards Silco’s office, but are ushered back into the venue and to clear room for something to happen. Vi gets into a fight with one of the lieutenants and once again snaps their back like a glowstick. I genuinely can’t say enough good things about the fight choreography in such tight spaces and with so much improv having to happen in between, as the cast and crew do an amazing job at Secret Cinema. Anyways the fight happens, they clear everyone away, a few more moments pass, and they call for everyone to return to the main hall. The time has run out, the winner is to be announced. Drumroll, we lost. The Slickjaws, Finn’s crew, have won. Finn takes to the balcony for his victory speech and as he finishes Silco teleports behind him and omae wa mou shindeiru slits his throat. Ok, he actually just walks up behind him on the balcony and does so but still, you get the point.Silco proceeds to further recant his speech. ONE NATION. WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF ZAUN. All hands go to hearts. Allegiance pledged. Lights dim, Silco exits the balcony walking through the crowd which has parted like the red sea towards his office. Lights go fully dark. Spotlight. Look up. It’s Jinx, she has the blue flare, smoke billowing to the ceiling. Spotlight off. What’s that? Spotlight. Stage left. Another Jinx, blue flare, smoke billowing to the ceiling. Boom spotlight off. Look right, another spotlight, a third jinx, blue flare, smoke billowing to the ceiling. Vi pushes her way through the crowd towards the stairs, lights out. They’re all gone, lights slowly come back to dim, music plays and the show is over. We go get our phones released from their canvas bags and take a few pictures before leaving the venue.

That is my experience with Arcane Secret Cinema. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and my only regret was not being able to go through 4,5,or 6 more times. Also not yelling at Finn but that’s beside the point. 

The sets were gorgeous and fully invoked the feeling of Arcane, the character actors absolutely nailed their parts with massive shout outs in particular to Vi, Sevika, Jinx, and Finn as each of my interactions with those four characters legitimately just felt like talking to their respective characters from the show and had me completely immersed. The soundtrack playing the Last Drop was an absolute banger and if you didn’t get enough of me praising the fight choreographer during the article, here is one final shoutout for them. I was so genuinely impressed with the character moments that felt like living in a cutscene and the fact that each person’s time spent at the event was almost entirely unique.

I not only recommend people should go to Secret Cinema events if they are in the LA area, but go multiple times if you have the luxury. It was truly that good and I cannot think of an experience like it out there. 

Shoutouts to the LPP for inviting me down, and Wisdom for sending me. If you made it all the way to the end of this, thanks so much for reading. If you’ve gone yourself tweet at me with one of your favorite moments in your journey, and if you haven’t gone let me know what you liked from mine!

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