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GiantSlayerLoR's Top 10 Players to Watch: Beyond the Bandlewood Seasonal Tournament

Hello everyone and welcome to our Top Players To Watch list for the Beyond Worlds Seasonal tournament. I’m Blevins, and I have the 8 players you’ll want to keep an eye on this Saturday during the Seasonal Open rounds. This is a (somewhat) subjective list, so if there are players that you think should make this list or any future lists, let me know!




Maitri is a player that has recently hopped onto my radar. Maitri won one of the Fight Night tournaments a few weeks ago, which is always an impressive feat.  It wasn’t just the win that really impressed me though; it was the level of play that they demonstrated. Maitri displayed a high level knowledge of matchups and the game overall. This insight let them go toe to toe with top players like Floppymudkip and Jtamonda.  When you can show up to a Fight Night for the first time and place well that's great, but if you take it down with some fantastic execution as well? That makes you a player worth keeping an eye on in the Seasonal.


Dudu de nunu


Dudu de Nunu had their first big finish at the last Seasonal. Finishing with a top 32 appearance, he was part of the Legendary run made by many players of team FNX in the Beyond the Bandlewood Seasonal Top 32. Since that tourney, Dudu has been on a bit of a tear.  He has secured a few wins in grassroots tournaments and is currently Top 10 on the Americas leaderboard.  Some players have one good performance and disappear off the face of the planet, but Dudu is looking to repeat his previous success in this year’s Bandlewood tourney.




If you follow my previous posts, you see that I almost always include Tomaszamo on my players to watch.  I made the mistake of rating him super low in a Power Rankings post, and was immediately (and rightly) called out for it on social media.  I no longer make that mistake, and I can say that defaulting to putting Tomaszamo on the list tends to pay off pretty well.  He’s Top 32’d multiple Seasonals and is currently sitting in the Top 25 on the Americas Ladder.  Honestly? There’s not much more to say that hasn’t been said already. Tomazamo on a Top Players list; it’s free real estate!




Lazyguga is a player that I honestly should have put on the list a long time ago.  Lazy has been a top ladder and tournament player eons now.  He’s currently sitting in the Top 5 of the Americas ladder and is on one of Brazil’s (and honestly, the world’s) top teams: Team Hydra.  I’ve talked about it in past articles, but I’ll mention it once again: having a team to help test with for a large event like this is crucial.  Not only do you get in games with other top players, but also getting input from an entire group of players is incredibly valuable.  Keep an eye out for Lazyguga and all of the Team Hydra players in this Seasonal.



Aikado is another player who, at this point, doesn’t really need much introduction.  He has been featured multiple times on these lists, has made multiple Seasonal Top 32’s with finals appearances, and has made a run at Worlds.  He’s also been holding down the fort as one of the top LoR streamers, which you always love to see.  Aikado is another very methodical player whose plays are always well thought out and calculated.  Aikado is definitely someone to keep an eye out for this weekend.



Recent Deck: Azir / Irelia


Minasia is another player who is a familiar name to people in the competitive circles of LoR.  He has been a top player for a long time now, but I would argue that his high level of play isn’t even the most notable characteristic of Minasia.  When I think of Minasia, I think of high-level plays using some crazy decks.  Minasia is in a lot of ways like the Tealred of the Americas; he creates these wild decks that only he can play to their full effectiveness.  That’s not always the case, but I really didn’t see many other players having success with the Jinx Lulu deck a few seasons ago. Even now at Rank 1 on the Americas ladder Minasia is playing Azir/Irelia, a deck that is pretty solid but nowhere near its prime.  If you’re looking for a player that will perform at a high level and may even bring a few of those spicy brews, look no further than Minasia.




Luserbeam has really been on a run lately. If I recall correctly, he’s Top 32’d at least the past two Seasonals, and is currently sitting at Rank 2 on the Americas ladder.  He’s obviously a top player, but learning a bit more about him and his personality through his top 32 player interviews has really shown what a competitor he is. In all of the interview videos we’ve seen of Luserbeam, he has a great attitude towards the game. It’s one thing to be very skilled at the game, but if you don’t have the right mental attitude, these great runs can be short-lived. The combination of great play and great attitude is the mark of a truly fantastic player.




You may remember Kochua as the runner-up of the Beyond the Bandlewood Seasonal.  He came from the world of Gwent previously, and as I mentioned in his player profile in the Power Rankings, he came highly recommended by my Caster brother, Boulevard. The recommendation did not disappoint; he’s currently sitting at Rank 25 on the Americas ladder, and just won Fight Night Seasonal Smackdown, an event where we invite 8 players who have previously made Seasonal Top 32s.  Coming off of a big win is certainly where you want to be going into a Seasonal, and Kochua did promise a better finish in this Seasonal than the last one in his winner’s interview, so that really can only mean one thing.

Blevins Seasonal Hall of Fame

 Because part of my goal with these posts is to showcase new and upcoming players, having slots on the list constantly taken up by the same recurring players takes away from that purpose, but not showcasing them is unfair to everyone watching.  Thus, the unofficial Seasonal Hall of Fame was created! In the last post, Majiinbae and MrEmoetional were the first to be inducted into the Blevins Hall of Fame.  While I won’t necessarily add players every single Seasonal, there are two players I feel are worthy of joining the ranks. 

The first is a player who’s qualified and made a great run in Worlds, has been featured on almost every top players to watch list, and I believe has made the most Seasonal Top 32s in the history of Americas (or at least tied.)  The player in question? WhatAmI. It should come as no surprise to anyone that WhatAmI makes this list for all of the reasons I listed. He is just one of the most technically sound players in the world. His devotion to exceptional play over strictly getting victories is something that is truly inspirational.

The second player being added to my Hall of Fame is a player who is my pick for the best player in the world right now.  His plays almost always make me rethink how I approach Runeterra in general, and not only that, but he recently became the record holder for longest stretch of Fight Night reinvites. That player is, of course, Jtamonda.  I urge anyone reading this to watch any of Jtamonda’s matches on Fight Night; specifically matches where he’s playing Draven Sion.  If you think that deck is just a simple aggro deck, your mind will be forever changed after watching his matches.  From the specific turn to turn decisions, to a masterful understanding of the macro strategies of a matchup, Jtamonda’s plays are nothing short of masterful. It is truly a treat to be able to cast his matches week in and week out, and with the run he’s currently having in Fight Night, there’s no end in sight to the victories.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame WhatAmI and Jtamonda!

And that is it for the Between Worlds Seasonal Top players to watch list!  Again, let me know what you think and who you would like to see on future lists!  Make sure to catch all of the action this Saturday as well with Jdoza and Boulevard!

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