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Cosmic Creation Seasonal Tournament: Top 32 Recap

The Cosmic Creation Seasonal Tournament has concluded and Majiinbae has been crowned our North American champion, earning him a clean $10,000 for his victory. He chose to play TF Fizz, Zoe Lee, Aphelios Kench.

The event runner up was Iannogueira, who opted to play TF Fizz, Aphelios Zoe (Bilgewater), and Draven Ezreal.

Day 2 of the seasonal tournament consisted of the Top 32 players who would have to fight through 5 single elimination rounds. 

Let’s take a quick look at what decks we saw on the day, and then we will take a deeper look into the individual rounds that were covered on the broadcast of the official Legends of Runeterra channel. 

Deck Name                         # of players w/ deck                 Placing

TF Fizz                                                19                               1, 2, 4, 8, 8, 8       

Fiora Shen                                          10                                     4, 8, 8

Zoe Lee                                               7                                         1, 8

Discard Aggro                                    7                                         4, 8

Aphelios Zoe Bilgewater                  5                                         2, 8

Draven Ez                                            4                                         2nd

Draven Swain w. Ez                           1 

Pirate Aggro                                       4                                         8th

Nox BW Aggro (pirate spinoff)        1

Frostbite/Puffcap Foundry              4                                         8th  

TF Aphelios                                        4                                         4th

Nox/Frel Overwhelm                         3

TF Go Hard                                         3

Aphelios Kench                                  2                                         1st

Endure                                                 2                                         4th

Aphelios Zoe P&Z                              2                                         8th

Ashe Nox                                             2

Stony Bannerman Scouts                 2

Scouts                                                  2

Diana Aphelios                                   2 

Diana Aphelios w. Atro                      2

Nightfall                                               1                                        4th

Riven Vi                                                1                                        8th

Soraka Kench                                      1 

Aphelios Karma                                  1

Asol Plaza                                           1

Noxus Fearsome                                1

Aphelios Lee Temple                         1

Karma Zoe                                           1


Clearly, this seasonal tournament was dominated in large part by TF Fizz. 19 out of 24 players included the deck in their lineup, continuing a trend we saw in the last seasonal tournament. It seems as though Twisted Fate strategies are pretty great at asserting themselves as the best decks in the game. This was displayed in the previous Seasonal with TF Go Hard, and even before the first Seasonal with strategies such as TF Swain, or TF Ezreal. 

TF Fizz had nearly twice as much representation as the second most popular deck in the format, Fiora Shen. This really speaks volumes to how dominant TF Fizz was in this expansion. 

There were some other noteworthy archetypes present in the seasonal, such as Zoe Lee and Discard Aggro - though it seems as though the lower down the list you go, you see a real drop off in power level. 

Coverage Matches

Round 1

The first match of the day featured Henneky and TemplarEVO. Both players would have Discard Aggro in their lineup. TemplarEVO would have Pirate Aggro and TF Go Hard, while Henneky would play Nightfall Aggro and TF Fizz. You could see how these players had similar strategies moving into Day 2, both bringing double aggro and a Twisted Fate deck. 

Game 1 would start off in an unfortunate manner for TemplarEVO, who queued Pirated into Henneky’s TF Fizz. By turn 4, TemplarEVO managed to draw all 3 copies of Noxian Fervor. This clucky hand, matched by a turn 6 TF level up from Henneky, would be enough to lock Game 1 up for Henneky. 

Game 2 would be Henneky on Nightfall aggro against TemplarEVO’s Discard Aggro. This match went overwhelmingly in TemplarEVO’s Favor with him managing to develop and stick an early Draven, Crowd Favorite, and Jinx. 

The final game in this round would be settled with Henneky on Nightfall Aggro, and TemplarEVO on Pirate Aggro. This game would end up being very close. Ending on turn 7, during what would be a lethal attack, Henneky would steal the win by casting Atrocity to close out the game and in turn the set. 

Round 2

Wraptero VS. Beot. Their first game would be Wraptero on Zoe Aphelios, against Beot on Hexcore Frostbite. In this game, Beot would end up sticking an early Hexcore Foundry that would give Beot an abundance of options while putting pressure on Wraptero; as it would cause him to overdraw. Eventually, Beot would go on to set up a board lock with Sejuani and Puffcaps, and grind Wraptero out of the game. 

With his back against the wall, Wraptero queues up Zoe Aphelios once again into Beot’s TF Fizz. Wraptero takes a commanding lead in the early game with Aphelios and a Boxtopus summoned by Crescendum. Beot would be on the back foot the whole game but managed to drop Wraptero to 4 life (however Wraptero would later heal this damage back up with Severum). Beot would fall on turn 12.

1/1 situation. Both players queue up their remaining deck. Beot once again of TF Fizz, while Wraptero would play his signature deck which would end up being one of the most innovative decks to come out of the seasonal tournament - Riven Vi. This game would end up being incredibly fast, with Wraptero (who was at 3 life) setting up a monstrous attack that resulted in 22 points of overwhelm damage. 

Round 3

Things are heating up as players are getting to the tournament’s halfway point. We would once again run into Henneky, who would face off against Dokho. 

Game one would go to Henneky, who would queue Discard Aggro into Dokho’s TF Fizz. Henneky would manage to stick a massive crowd favorite, which combined with an already wide board; would close the game out on turn 8. 

Now all Henneky has to do is win another game on TF Fizz. Dokho would queue Aphelios Zoe, splashing P&Z. Around turn 5 it would seem like Dokho was pulling ahead. Henneky would set up multiple turns where he would threaten lethal damage, but Dohko would be able to heal up and barely hang on, just barely squeezing out the game, and forcing a 1/1 situation. 

The TF Fizz mirror. Neither player would be able to stick a champion in this game, and both players would constantly trade off units and burn, in an attempt to grab the board. Henneky would sneak in a couple suit ups on Elusive Poros, which would be able to buy just enough tempo for Henneky to pull off an exact lethal on a turn Dokho would likely be finding lethal. Henneky would be moving on to the Semi Finals. 

Semi Finals

This would be the first time in the day we would get to watch MajiiinBae and Syphren. Game 1 would be Majiin on Zoe Lee, against Syphren on Kalista Endure. Syphren would get close to winning this game, setting up a massive Endure, backed up by Atrocity, but it wasn't enough to fend off MajiinBae, as he had Deny and Hush to counter this lethal set up. Majiin would go on to win this game with the classic Lee Sin kill.

MajiinBae now just has to win with TF Fizz. Syphren queues up Fiora Shen. Fortunately for MajiinBae, Syphren didn't have a turn 3 Fiora, and the early game went well for him. On turn 6, Syphren would attempt to Concerted Strike Majiin’s Fizz. This would end up being countered, and MajiinBae would close the game out shortly after, giving him our first 2/0 on camera of the day.


After a grueling day, MajiinBae and Iannogueira would meet in the finals. Game 1 Majiin would play his Aphelios Kench into Ian’s Draven Ezreal. This game would end up going relatively long. Eventually, MajiinBae would set up a pair of unanswered Wiggly Burblefish that would push damage for multiple turns, while Ian would just barely run out of gas before losing. 

In a situation we saw players in throughout the day, MajiinBae would now only need to win with TF Fizz. Iannogueira would once again queue his Draven Ezreal to look for a win. An Early Fizz backed up by Suit Up for MajiinBae would set the tone for this game. Players would once again trade threats for burn, and this game would become a war of attrition. On Turn 9, with few resources left in hand for both players, MajiinBae would manage to level up Twisted Fate. However, there was an issue. Majiinbae’s deck was loaded with Puffcaps, and his Nexus was at 4. With a mystic shot still in Ian’s hand, Majiin would have barely any health left to play with…

Majiin topdecks Mind Meld. The final card in hand. With a 5 unit wide board, this would end up being just enough to force the concede out of Iannogueira, crowning MajiinBae as champion in an incredibly close two game set. 

The Cosmic Creation Seasonal Tournament was certainly something to behold. We saw many close sets, and MajiinBae tears up his last few opponents. While MajiinBae was our champion of the day, I think it is safe to say that Fizz Twisted Fate was the real king of the event.

If you want to take a closer look at the decks used this weekend, check out the full deck list here!

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