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Giant Slayer Hosts First Double Up Invitational in North America

We’re excited to announce the Giant Slayer Lab Partners (Double Up Invitational) taking place on 12/11 and 12/12. It will feature the new Teamfight Tactics mode, Double Up, released by Riot last month. 

Eight of your favorite NA players have been invited to choose their most trusted lab partner for the event. With a 5k prize pool and an invitation to Riot’s Hextech Havoc: Double Up tournament on the line, we hope they made a wise choice and will pass the BFF test!

Frodan, Jirachy, and Admirable are casting all of the action starting at 4pm PST / 7pm EST on and The Top 4 scoring teams from Day 1 will advance to Day 2. The duo that secures a 1st after hitting 10 points (or reaches 18 points) will share the tactician’s crown.

Tune in for some cooperative gameplay, team shenanigans, and see which duo has the best Double Up tactics! 


Want to know who’s participating in the event? Check out a preview of the teams below and tell us who you think will win it all.


emilywang & mD rue loves you

You’ll love rooting for emilywang, a popular streamer in the TFT community, and Rue, a player who quickly climbed to Challenger after starting TFT in Set 4.5.


Kiyoon Still Single

Liquid Kurumx & TSM FTX Kiyoon

Kurumx and Kiyoon have been top rated players in every TFT set. Can they combine their god-tier flex strategies and be the best Double Up duo?


Madge & Sadge

becca tilts & milk guy

Becca, a former LoL streamer turned TFT expert, and milk, a Top 3 finisher at Reckoning Worlds, get our vote for “most wholesome duo”.



SpencerTFT & bertasaurus

Spencer was one of the NA representatives at Reckoning Worlds and bertasaurus placed in the Top 24 at the Fates NA Regional Finals. Will Mortdog bless their rolls during the event?


Ramblin Robin

Liquid robin & Ramblinnn

Long before Double Up and Katarina reroll existed, Robin and Ramblinnn won a duos tournament hosted by Giant Slayer. Will they be victorious again in this new format?


Team 7


The meme dream team. Will Twitch chat favorite, Soju, and boy wonder, PPPRESTIVENT, go 1st or fourf in their lobbies?


Team PeepoRiot

Liquid Goose & RamKev

Liquid Goose has hit Rank 1 multiple times and RamKev finished 3rd at Fates Worlds. What are they rioting about, anyway?


Team Saralynn

Sètsuko & Saralynn

One of the highest ranked players currently on the NA server, Sètsuko, looks to tear up the tournament with Saralynn, a high elo TFT player since Set 4.

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