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Giant Slayer in 2022 and Beyond

Hello, Giant Slayer fans! As the staff and Wisdom continue to venture forward into 2022, we are looking to bring our engaged and growing community an even greater viewing experience. With that in mind, we have a few quick updates to share with you all on some changes that you’ll start seeing as early as next week!


Visual Upgrades Across All Brands

The first thing that fans will notice will be the updates made to the visual identity of the various Giant Slayer brands. While the old look has been with us through much growth over the past two years, we feel a new, sleek shift in identity is necessary because of that growth. 

Throughout this year, you’ll come to see similar changes put into place on some of our longest-running programs – starting with our tried and true classic productions, Fight Night: Rising and Fight Night: Legends. 

Fight Night Revamps

Speaking of Fight Night, we’re happy to announce that both TFT and LoR variants will be receiving format changes as well. These format changes are suited to facilitate these competitions and players better and breathe new energy into these shows as they exist alongside some of the larger-scale events such as Teamfight Tactics Set 6 Esports and the ongoing Legends of Runeterra Seasonal Tournaments. More details on these alterations can be found by visiting both GiantSlayerTFT and GiantSlayerLoR accounts, respectively.

In addition, Legends of Runeterra players and viewers alike in the Americas region will want to update their weekly calendars, as Fight Night: Legends AM will be moving to a regular Monday start time of 3 pm PT/6 pm ET on January 31, 2022. Fight Night: Legends EU will remain on the same day and time that it has been – Fridays at 7 am PT/10 am ET.

Twitch Channel Consolidation

Why separate the two Fight Night: Legends productions, you may ask? All to better serve the creation of one consolidated Giant Slayer Twitch channel. That’s right: As of the morning of January 24, all Giant Slayer live streams, events, and shows will air solely under a unified platform. Giant Slayer productions under Riot Games’ umbrella of IPs, specifically for TFT, LoR, and Wild Rift, will occur on this primary home. 

With the three communities living under one space, viewers can look forward to nearly five full days of content each week in a centralized stream location. An updated content schedule will be made publicly available at the start of each seven days, showcasing times and dates you’ll be able to tune into your favorite Giant Slayer programming.

While the GiantSlayerTFT channel will be transitioned over to the centralized channel, the current GiantSlayerLoR and GiantSlayerWR channels will co-stream events until February 23, 2022. In addition, this will not affect the individual brand Twitter or YouTube accounts – those communities will continue to remain separated.

Through this transition, we are hoping to bolster the greater Giant Slayer community and increase our support for more new shows, events, and Riot Games titles in the coming future,

Stay tuned to our various Giant Slayer brand Twitter accounts on Monday to learn where this new home will be!

That’s all for now! As always, thank you for the continued support of each Giant Slayer brand and Wisdom as a whole. We’re looking forward to what is sure to be an excellent 2022!

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