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Giant Slayer Series 3 Preview

The month of August is upon us with the new Set 5.5 changes and Giant Slayer bringing us a month’s worth of Teamfight Tactics competition with the Giant Slayer Series 3. This event will be a bit different than the normal competitions and take place in a Duos Format featuring 32 top NA players.

The event will consist of players who qualified through multiple avenues including four players from the Reckoning Mid-Set Finale, 10 players from Set 5 snapshots, and two players from Set 5.5. The 16 players then chose a duo partner of Master Rank or higher.

The first three weeks, starting August 9th, will see two days of play, Monday and Tuesday of each week, each consisting of two lobbies. Each team will play in four games each week in a form of Round Robin style play. The top four teams will then face off in one final day of play, battling out in six games to gain as many points as possible to win the full tournament.

The prize pool for the tournament is $10,000 sponsored by Riot Games and Ballstreet Trading. Each first-place finish during the Group Stage weeks will earn that team 50 dollars towards their grand total. The final four teams will all win at least $1,100 but are competing for the grand prize of $3,000.

The lobbies for the first week of games are as follows:

August 9th Lobby A:

Team RatOwl is led by iG Noobowl who is widely considered the best player going into this event. He chose to bring his teammate iG DQA into this tournament making this duo the team to beat. DQA and Noobowl were recently picked up by invictus Gaming and have been showing up really strong both in snapshots and at events. 

DeliciousMilkGG and becca tilts are team widepeepoHappy. DeliciousMilk ended Set 5 at the top of the ranked ladder and made a really exciting choice by inviting Becca into the event. Becca’s fun personality makes her an exciting watch and with Milk as her partner, viewers can expect a lot of great plays and fun commentary all throughout the event.

RAMBLIN ROBIN, as the name might suggest, is the duo of Robinsongz and his invitee Ramblinnn. Robin and Ramblinnn have become household names in the TFT community with their fun playstyles and personalities. With both of these competitors sitting in the top 10 of the Set 5.5 snapshot, their overall understanding and domination of the new set should lead them to some strong showings.

The final team of Lobby A is Nyanderthals. PockyGom is a player who sits high in most TFT snapshots, including second place at the end of Set 5. They invited “rue loves you”, a Teamfight Tactics Vtuber who will bring in a lot of popularity to the team on top of their high level of play.

August 9th Lobby B:

Broccóli invited well-known competitor Rayditz to the tournament to create the team “Sold Cat for Econ”. Rayditz currently sits at Rank 3 as of the latest snapshot, just barely missing the qualification, so he is an extremely valuable pick up for this event. Hopefully the extra gold from that cat will help this team gain subtle advantages throughout the course of the tournament.

PeepoRiot, founded by the veteran TL GV8, looks to make some noise in this tournament with ttv SpicyAppies helping give his senior a boost. Many longtime TFT fans will recognize GV8 from his extensive time playing at the professional level. SpicyAppies was the first player to hit challenger in Set 5.5 and ended Set 5 at rank 17. This team will be making waves all throughout the tournament.

The PockyGom Fanclub is a two-member club, consisting of the founder melt in heart and the first recruit Bri S2. Melt in Heart ended Set 5 in 12th and has seen the top of the ladder at times.  Will they be able to gain a fanclub themselves with outstanding play in this event? You will have to watch to find out.

The last team in the first day of lobbies are the Mega Furrets. Break out your Pokemon games and name your tube socks after buzzyboo and Jirachy while these two try to become duo champions of the Giant Slayer Series. Buzzyboo not only had a 3.2 average in the Dawnbringer and Nightbringer events combined but also participated in the mid set finale. They invited Jirachy who has constantly been high challenger and even went 9th at the Set 4.5 NA Regionals.

August 10th Lobby A:

Headed by young upstart bertasaurus, “We are going 8th” probably won’t be able to live up to their name. Many know Bert from his previous appearances in events and was keeping steady at the top of the ladder throughout set 5. By inviting hjw61101, Bert has ensured that their team can at least pick up some 7th place finishes throughout groups.

`Going to will take you to SpencerTFT’s team for this event. Naming your team after who you invited is a bold strategy, but when you ask Agon to be your duo for this event, it might just pay off. Both Agon and Spencer have competed against each other in previous events. With Spencer’s 13th place finish in Set 5 and both player’s previous competition experience, they are looking like one of the front runners of the group stages.

31/32 Kiyooties is looking to find their last teammate. TSM FTX Kiyoon invited Emilyywang to compete in this event as a potential recruitment campaign. Kiyoon ended Set 5 at 5th and has shown up really big in recent competitions. Kiyoon and Emily have been super fun competitors to watch in other events and viewers should expect this one to be no different.

Sètsuko will round out this lobby with teammate Saralynn to form team Bronzasaurus. Sètsuko ended 8th in Set 5, just barely qualifying off of the Set 5 snapshots. Sètsuko has played in qualifiers previously but seeing him team up with Sara for this event should give the viewers a great show to tune in for.

August 10th Lobby B:

Team PogO consists of Kurumx and Souless. These two competitors are often at the top of the ladder and consistently enjoy high-ranked finishes in other events. Kurumx just barely missed the Set 5 snapshot cutoff at 11th, being overtaken by GV8 in the last day. That rivalry between teammates will come to a head in this event and bringing Souless, 15th on the ladder at the end of Set 5 will combine two long term team rivalries to take home the trophy.

RamKev created Team MonkeyDogs with his invitee im jack. RamKev has been a stand out player in other competitions and currently sits at rank one based on the most recent 5.5 Snapshot. He invited Jack with the hopes of backing up his Rank 1 position by showing impressive teamwork and immaculate gameplay.

Another crowd favorite is C9 k3soju, 2nd as of the latest snapshot, who will combine strategies with Prestivent to make team 8875. This team will hope not to have a placement line like that throughout this tournament, but these two fierce players have the strategies and adaptability to look more like a 1132 team.

The final team of the event is Guub. iG guubums invited Reynzer to the event with hopes to topple their teammates. Guubums recently joined iG with DQA and Noobowl. Being a well known coach and really wants to show off his prowess in the duo event. Reynzer and Guubums will be a super strong duo with high chances of toppling the crowd favorites as they both have a ton of TFT coaching experience and will be able to communicate more effectively because of the similar mindsets.

You won’t want to miss a minute of action in this competition! To make sure you see the event, head over to GiantSlayerTFT on Twitch starting August 9th at 4:00pm PDT. If you can’t make it live, then you can catch the VODs later on our YouTube channel. For more information about the event check out the Events page HERE!

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