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GiantSlayerLoR's Top 10 Players to Watch: Cosmic Creation Seasonal Tournament

Hello and welcome back to another edition of our Top 10 Players to watch going into the Cosmic Creation Seasonal tournament.  For the Monuments of Power event, we compiled a list of the players we saw as having a good chance to make the Seasonal Finals. We based this list off of tournament performance, ladder performance, as well as other non-tangibles that we thought were interesting.  We did not take the top 10 players off of the ladder or the first 10 players to hit master and showcase them exclusively.  We will be taking a very similar approach to this list as well.  As always, if there’s someone we missed that you see as a great player, feel free to leave a comment on this post or tweet at us @GiantSlayerLoR!

Without further ado, let’s get into our top 10!

#10 MajinBae

Recent Deck: Tahm Kench / Soraka


Starting off our top 10 we have a familiar face who Top 32’d the last seasonal tournament.  Majin was relatively unknown in the LoR scene prior to the Seasonal, but was an experienced MTG tournament player.  However, since the seasonal Majin has been streaming quite consistently, and again has climbed quite high on the ladder.  Majin has been itching for competition and recently had a decent performance at one of our Fight Night invitationals.  Majin has been at the highest level of LoR competition before so there’s no reason to think they couldn’t be there again!

#9 Jasensational

Recent Deck: Fizz / Twisted Fate… ENCROACHING SHADOWS


Continuing our list, we have another Top 32 competitor from the last seasonal. Jae has also had somewhat of a breakout in the LoR scene after the stellar performance in the Seasonal, and has been doing so with some really spicy decks.  When grabbing the decks for this article, we came across this absolute masterpiece that Jae has been using at high Masters.  Whether Jae ends up using off meta decks like this Encroaching Shadows aggro deck or not is still to be seen.  We do hope the best for Jae’s performance, but we also hope that the spice keeps flowing!

#8 PrincessPowerful

Recent Deck: Aphelios Shadow Isles Control


Princess powerful is our first entrant on the list that did not make the top cut last season. PrincessPowerful is a name that may not mean anything to you if you didn’t come from the competitive YuGiOh scene or are entrenched in the LoR competitive scene. However, we do implore you to remember this name, as they are one of the most innovative deck builders in LoR right now.  PP was one of the first players I saw using Twisted Fate and Fizz in an aggressive P&Z shell early this season, and has innovated multiple other decks in earlier seasons. PP also has a very distinct style of play where they are able to very accurately tell when to go on the aggressive. We’ve had PP on our Fight Night events in the past, and they not only bring innovative decks, but also are playing in positions where at quick glance they look behind, only to turn on a dime and end the game in a matter of turns.  PP doesn’t tend to stream or make other content, so if we get the privilege to catch their games at the seasonal, consider ourselves lucky!

#7 ZincElemental

Recent Deck: Twisted Fate / Fizz P&Z


ZincElemental has been an elite level player in LoR for quite some time now. Zinc was in many top cuts of open events before finally breaking through and winning an open tournament months ago.  Since that point, Zinc has had many top cut performances and even won a recent Fight Night event that we put on.  Recently, Zinc has been having success with the popular Twisted Fate Fizz P&Z deck, but Zinc’s real claim to fame was hitting Masters with the all mighty ‘EMoosives’ decks a few seasons ago. A Demacia Ionia deck whose combo was to give Greathorn Companion Elusive and rally a few times to achieve a one turn kill.  While the genius originator of the deck remains a mystery to this day, Zinc certainly has had the most success with the deck.  Zinc’s ability to play both the most popular decks as well as these more niche strategies demonstrates the range that is required to do well in the Seasonal Tournament.

#6 Drisoth

Recent Deck: Aphelios / Zoe Bilgwater


Drisoth has our pick for biggest brain play that we’ve seen in our Fight Night Events. You can even see in the clip and in the chat that just about everyone involved either was missing lethal there or not playing around everything best.  That is of course except Drisoth.  Finding the correct line is one thing.  Given enough time I think many players would be able to find the line there.  However, what’s even more impressive about Drisoth was the absolute speed at which they found the most optimal line.  Drisoth has taken this technical prowess as high as rank 1 on the Americas ladder.  Having kept an eye on their Twitter over the past few weeks, I’m not sure if they are sold on one lineup over another, but regardless of what they bring to the Seasonal, you can rest assured that it will be played at the absolute highest level.

#5 WhatAmI

Recent Deck: Zoe / Aphelios Atrocity


WhatAmI is another player on our list who made the top 32 at the last seasonal.  They were also on our previous Top 10 players to watch list.  In that list, we wrote about how WhatAmI was one of the lesser known players on the list, but was still a name to keep an eye out for. Oh how things have changed since then.  After their success at the Seasonal, we’ve seen more and more of WhatAmI. They’ve started streaming their testing and tournament sessions, and honestly have one of the best attitudes on the game.  Ever the optimist, WhatAmI will always find a silver lining to things that are happening in their sessions, even after the hardest of defeats. Top tier play and top tier attitude towards the game is definitely something we want to always be on the watch for.

#4 Deach

Recent Deck: Ezreal / Teemo Hexcore


Take away all of the high level play from the equation and we still suggest you watch Deach this seasonal.  Deach just has a swagger about him that you can’t help but root for.  That being said, Deach is also a top player representing the Brazilian community.  He and many other Team Hydra members have taken down many LoR events, oftentimes having to face against a teammate or two in the Top cut.  When you’re such a strong player and have such a strong team, it’s a deadly combination.

#3 Cephalopod

Recent Deck: Trundle / Tryndamere Feel The Rush


Cephalopod was on our previous list.  We had very high hopes for them going into last season, but they didn’t get very far.  Sometimes you really have to wake up to do well in an event.  Sometimes you just need to wake up.  We joke because Ceph missed the signup window for the seasonal last season.  We don’t mean that they didn’t meet the requirements, they did, we mean they literally slept through the sign up window time and therefore was unable to register for the event. Hopefully Ceph has bought an alarm clock since then.  All jokes aside, Ceph is one of the most experienced LoR tournament players.  There’s actually a chance that they’ve played more LoR events than anyone else. Cephalopod also recently broke their GiantSlayer Fight Night curse and got first place in the most recent Fight Night.  What’s even more impressive about the performance is that in a meta that was dominated by Twisted Fate, Fizz, Lee Sin and Aphelios, Ceph’s lineup ran a whopping zero copies of any of those champions.  Ceph had the genius read on the meta to bring a double aggro lineup and ended up taking the whole event in dominating fashion.  Between top tier play and deck selection, Cephalopod is definitely one of the scarier players to face in the Seasonal Tournament.

*Editor’s note: Cephalopod didn’t actually sleep through the start time, it was much worse. They were fully awake and coherent preparing their lineup. A truly impressive feat to miss last Seasonal’s check-in, one that he surely cannot top again... unless he were to win this one.

#2 Kevor

Recent Deck: Lee Sin / Zoe


While we don’t just include the top ladder players on this list, it is very hard to ignore the number 1 spot in NA.  Kevor has been sitting atop the Americas leaderboard for quite some time now, and is about 200 points from being caught as of this writing.  What’s impressive about the 1000+ lp players is that they are continuing to play throughout the season.  Plenty of folks have hit rank 1 at one time or another, but it is an entirely different challenge to maintain rank 1.  Kevor even placed in the top 2 of our most recent Fight Night event, showing that he has some chops in the tournament scene as well.  Previous results do not guarantee future success, but being at the top certainly puts you in the best position to succeed.

#1 Wrapter 

Recent Deck: Aphelios Temple Bilgewater


For those of us who come from an MTG background, Wrapter is someone who needs no introduction.  The long and short of it is that Wrapter is one of the most successful MTG players of all time, and in fact was inducted into the MTG Pro Tour Hall of Fame in 2017. However, past experience in other games alone does not get one to the top of the list.  Wrapter got Top 32 in the Seasonal last season, and has consistently been in the top 5 on the Americas ladder this season. Wrapter historically has put up good ladder results with decks that are a bit off-kilter. Wrapter was one of the first players to play Twisted Fate/Aphelios this season, and we even recall Wrapter building both a Freljord/Noxus control deck and a Jae MEdarda/Draven control deck back before Rising Tides was released.  There are few people in the world let alone in the Legends of Runeterra competitive field that have as much tournament experience and success as Wrapter, and it will be an absolute treat to watch them play in this seasonal event.

Honorable Mentions

We know that we aren’t able to include every top player in the game on the list, as we only have 10 spots.  We did want to throw a couple extras on as honorable mentions for you if you’re looking to really scope out the Seasonal Tournament.


We of course couldn’t have this article without mentioning the reigning champ.  Puyshpii would obviously make our list, but keep an eye out for additional content this week featuring them ;).


NicMakesPlays is one of the top streamers in LoR.  Nic comes from a competitive YuGiOh background, where they were a top tournament player.  Nic has on multiple occasions been the first to hit masters on the NA server, and frequently hits #1 on multiple other servers as well.  Nic is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the event, and has been known to play decks like Nightfall in a way that adds much more flexibility to a deck that many see as narrow.  We wouldn’t be surprised if they make a big run with some off-kilter decks.


Rattlingbones was the #1 player to watch on our last writeup. Bones did some solid climbing at the beginning of the season, grinding up over 400 LP.  However, since that point Bones has taken some time away from the game.  We imagine that Bones will be coming back for the seasonal, but even though they are one of the top technical players in LoR, it’s tough to put them in the Top 10 when they’ve taken some time off. I imagine some last minute testing sessions can do wonders for Bones, but their time is running short!

That’s it for our Top 10 players to watch writeup! We’re just a few days away from the qualifier rounds which means everyone is deep into tournament prep mode.  This is honestly one of the more exciting times of the season as it really is crunch time.  Let us know who you’re rooting for, and if there’s someone we should spotlight in a future post.  Remember you can catch the qualifying rounds on Sunday over at We’ll see you all on Sunday!

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