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GiantSlayerLoR's Top 10 Players to Watch

In just a few short days, we’ll be experiencing the very first Legends of Runeterra Seasonal Tournament, Monuments of Power. On Sunday, Dec. 6, 1,024 of the best players on the Americas shard will be put through a grueling Swiss groups stage. From there, only 32 players - who must go undefeated through five rounds of play - will progress to the finals on Dec. 13. With that in mind, here are GiantSlayerLoR’s Top 10 Players to Watch for the Open Rounds! 

#10 Nunuyz:

If you’ve played in high Diamond or Masters at all this season, chances are you’ve played Nunuyz. If you haven’t, you definitely have seen them at the top of the ladder. Nunuyz has not only been within the Top 8 most of the season on ladder, but is also one of the premier Tahm Kench / Soraka deck players in the world. A deceptively complex deck, Nunuyz is able to play seemingly bad matchups to victories. Knowing the various win conditions and when to go for one over the other is an absolutely invaluable skill, and Nunuyz has shown an ability to flex that with Tahm Kench / Soraka this entire season. As a relatively unknown quantity in the tournament scene as of yet, Nunuyz is undoubtedly a dark horse here and definitely someone to keep an eye on this weekend.

#9 MreMoetional:

Moe is another relative newcomer to the tournament scene. They have made their name in the LoR scene mostly as a streamer, content creator, and ladder player. Moe has performed one of the most impressive feats of any player in the competition, which is making a new account and grinding to Master in one sitting. Moe also has the uncanny ability to be flexible with their decks - an absolute necessity when playing in a tournament format. Moe has been at the top of the ladder with everything from Discard Aggro, to Anivia Control, to off-kilter decks like Tahm Kench / Soraka. Being proficient and comfortable with a full range of decks should bode very well for MreMoetional in this event.

#8 BruisedByGod:

One of the most recognizable names in LoR streaming, many may not know BBG’s tournament prowess. Coming into LoR, BBG was at the top of multiple other games, including DOTA Underlords and Eternal CCG. BBG was also one of, if not the, most prolific early LoR player in NA. In the early days of LoR weekly events, there were three names that would constantly come up in top cuts of NA: WindingGod, Freshlobster, and BBG.  Fortunately for the Americas Seasonal Tournament players, WindingGod is retired, and Freshlobster is in a different region for this event. Unfortunately for them, BBG is still in NA, and will be a force to be reckoned with.

#7 Nolagold:

Nolagold has competed at some of the highest levels in competitive card gaming. As a prolific competitor in the Magic: The Gathering scene for many years (even having won a Grand Prix back in 2019), Nolagold is no novice when it comes to competition at the highest level. Nola has also been competing in Legends of Runeterra since its inception. In fact, they won the very first Fight Night: Reckoning event that Giant Slayer hosted, which consisted of 16 of the best players in the EU and Americas regions. Nola may have a hilarious and goofy stream persona, but make no mistake; when it comes to closing out tournaments, they’re an absolute threat.

#6 XxWhatAmIxX:

WhatAmI is a name from this list that many players may still not recognize, but they are a very exciting player to watch. Known for some unconventional tech cards such as Battle Fury in Endure decks and Captain Farron in Discard Aggro. WhatAmI pushes boundaries on our expectations of otherwise meta decks. Though one of our lesser-known names on the list, WhatAmI is no stranger to success within Runeterra, with a GSTV Fight Night victory under their belt, multiple top cut performances in open tournaments, and consistent appearances within the Top 10 on the ladder. WhatAmI looks to bring their quirky aggro decks to the top of the Seasonal Tournament. 

#5 Maykon Jaxson:

Maykon was put on Giant Slayer’s radar because of the new ability to see decks that top Master players are playing. We regularly look through the top 50-100 players to see if there are any spicy brews tearing up the ladder, and weren’t disappointed when stumbling upon Maykon Jaxson - specifically, their Mono-Noxus Darius / Draven deck. Not going to lie, one of our experts thought it was a starter deck; long story short, they gained around 150 LP before the deck got a loss. 

In a world of netdecking and shared info, being an innovator is a huge advantage. Definitely keep an eye on the decks that Maykon Jaxson brings to the table. Beyond this deckbuilding prowess, Maykon also very recently won an internal pro Discord test tournament; although a random tournament win isn’t the most impressive, this one may have had more combined Master LP than any other tournament to date. In any case, it’s certainly a promising start.

#4 Glop:

Glop is a relatively new member of the LoR tournament scene. Before entering weekly events, Glop was a perennial top 5 Master player. Since starting to compete in tournaments, Glop has accrued the highest win percentage of any player invited to the Giant Slayer weekly events. Glop has an astounding 67% winrate across tournaments they’ve played in. If you take a look at the current Master ladder, you’ll notice that Glop doesn’t have just one account in the top 20, but two - both GlopNA and Wafflepwnt have well over 500 LP each. Glop doesn’t stream as much these days because of school, but nonetheless, this name will be commonplace in the LoR competitive scene.

#3 Stan:

Stan is one of only two players on this list (along with Maykon Jaxson) from Brazil (Note: This is absolutely not because the region doesn’t have amazing players - friends there are doing their own coverage of players, so we wanted to leave plenty of players for them!). However, it would be a disservice to you, the reader, to not include Stan on this list. Stan has been one of the most consistent players in Giant Slayer: Fight Night events. They’ve not only had a great run of back-to-back finals performances, but also maintains a basically permanent spot in the top cuts of other weekly tournaments. In a region that is so stacked, Stan has been lauded as the best by peers. When the best of the best actually say that Stan is the best, there’s little doubt this player will be a serious contender coming into the qualifier rounds.

#2 Cephalopod: 

Cephalopod is a marvel not only of high-caliber play, but also at the highest frequency of play.  In other words, Ceph plays a lot of tournaments. Since March, Ceph has played in an astonishing 70 tournaments, boasting 12 first place finishes and a 70% set winrate across all of their tournament matches. 

Ceph has been a part of the playtest group for many top players, and is lauded as one of the best LoR tournament preparation specialists in the game. Because of this expansive knowledge and tournament experience, Ceph has an almost infinite amount of flexibility. This is a player who will be able to play the best decks in the meta, regardless of what they are, and play them to perfection. There are many great players in the Swiss rounds, but few have the sheer volume of tournament matches played as Cephalopod.

#1 RattlingBones:

RattlingBones is one of the most respected players in the competitive community at present.  Having topped 7 Premier Yugi-oh events across the Americas, Bones came into LoR with top-tier pedigree. But even if Bones’ name doesn’t stand out from their performances in other games, it’s very likely that you’ve seen them at the top on the ladder, considering they’re there...every season. Bones is regularly #1 on the Americas ladder. 

Bones doesn’t just rest on his ladder consistency, though, as they went on an unprecedented run in the Giant Slayer: Fight Night invitationals, placing 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 1st, and 4th. In the stacked field appearing in this tournament every single week, that truly is a feat in and of itself.  If you ask around the competitive scene right now, many of the top players are putting Bones as their top pick coming into this event.

Whether you’re brand new to the competitive LoR scene or a long-time dedicated fan, these are just a few of the many names to cheer for this weekend. Make sure to tune into the action on Sunday, Dec. 6 at 4:00PM EST on the GiantSlayerLoR Twitch Channel for live coverage of the Swiss rounds!

Credit: for statistics 

Writers: Skylar “Casanova” Mulder and John “TheBlevins” Blevins

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