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LoR Competitive Week in Review for 10/25 - 10/31

Now I know, I know - this is a meta recap article which means I won’t really be talking about Jayce. He’s a very exciting new champion with a lot of untapped potential, but the chances that he and his accompanying cards uplift the entire tournament scene is unlikely. So even if you don’t read this today because it doesn’t talk about Jayce, bookmark it for after his release when you’re looking for other decks to fill out your lineup. 

The 2nd week of the Between Worlds Season isn’t going to turn any heads, as many of the top performers simply chugged along on the train they’re running on the format. EU Fight Night winner Ultraman brought the most interesting lineup of the weekend in Draven/Viktor Burn and Plunder. Now Draven/Viktor burn is the latest in a long line of Noxus/Piltover Voltron style decks that run Decimate, predeceased by some combination of Vi/Draven/Riven. My guess is that like those predecessors, its time in the spotlight will be short-lived. Ultraman took this win over Worlds competitor Cosimo on Yorldes in Arms and Sion, making this likely the first and last ever tournament finals to contain a Viktor deck vs a Teemo deck.

On the Americas' side of Fight Night, we had Jtamonda flex his skills with a good old-fashioned lineup of Sion and Sivir/Akshan. He was crowned champion after winning his 3rd match of the night against ENiamor on Glorious Shellfolk and Thralls. Glorious Shellfolk made an impressive debut last weekend, and while it didn’t carry its hype as well into the 2nd week, it didn’t fall off either. The deck obviously has some staying power within the competitive landscape, but it’s going to take more time to figure out if it’s as a top 8 staple or a tier 2 comfort pick. Thralls on the other hand have been hovering around for quite some time, and Eniamor’s placement at AM Fight Night feels like a nod to this rather than the deck finally breaking through some kind of ceiling.

Finally in the realm of Seasonal format 3 deck tournaments, grassroots sponsor GGToor teamed up with the Wobbly Wombats to put on a single-elimination tournament on Saturday.

GGToor x Wobbly Wombats Top 4

1st Seku - Bandle Pirates / Elusive Rally / Sivir/Akshan

2nd BlackBoss - Plunder / Sion / Sivir/Akshan

Top 4 Sucessor - Bandle Pirates / Sion / Ziggs/Poppy 

Top 4 Finni - Plunder / Scouts / Sivir/Akshan

Again, there really wasn’t much in the way of innovation this weekend. While it’s not the flashiest results I’ve ever written about, weekends like this do have importance. If the meta were constantly changing and new decks were being developed at the highest level every single weekend, it’d be impossible to tell what's good. You would read one of these articles, see a super cool new deck win a tournament, and go try it for yourself next weekend only to find everyone has a newer and cooler deck that's about to explain the plot of Groundhog Day to you for the rest of the format. Meta’s like this are cool because when things are settled there’s a lot of potential for a surprising upset, but you’re not falling behind if you’re not innovating.

On an analytical note, Gangplank seems to have mustered up a lot of strength for someone whose Lab of Legends is going away this month. While Bandle Pirates and Plunder have always been solid, the latter has felt just solid. We see it in every top 8 as a 1 of, and never really expect to see more than that. Not only did Plunder win a Fight Night this week, but it also took 2nd and a top 4 at the GGToor x WW event. With Bandle Pirates filling out the rest of the top 4, 

Gangplank comes out on top as the king of the meta this week as Poppy fails to find a Fight Night win. Of course, Sivir/Akshan is still a dominant force, and arguably the best tournament deck right now according to what we’ve seen over the last few weeks. 

Again, at the time of writing, I’m unaware of what Jayce or any of his supporting cards do but an injection of fresh life into the tournament scene is always something I welcome with open arms, and these small expansions have been some of the most impactful. Sources (Reddit) tell me Jayce won’t be out for this upcoming week of events, so give your anti-Sivir/Akshan homebrew a shot while it’s still popular enough to be countered! 

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