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LoR Competitive Week in Review for 11/15-11/21

With this being the last competitive wrap up before the Seasonal and with a final big shift in the meta away from Sion/Sivir/Poppy, I want to start off by laying out the decks that topped this weekend all in one section so you can conveniently click through them without getting lost in the article rather than peppering them throughout as normal. 

EU Fight Night

1st - Sorry - Plunder / Sivir

2nd  - Owi - Bandle Tree / Star Spring

AM Fight Night

1st - Kochua - Plunder / Lee Sin

2nd - Pixer - Sivir / Bandle Pirates

OLS x Mobalytics #35

1st - Mtuck - Lee Sin / Feel the Rush / Thralls

2nd - GrandpaRoji - Elusive Rally / Sivir / Plunder

Top 4 - DerivaLOR - Elusive Rally / Lee Sin / Plunder

Top 4 - Void - Plunder / Thralls / Feel the Rush

Top 8 - Da Tank Buster - Bandle Tree / Bandle Pirates / Sentinel Control

Top 8 - Dudu de Nunu - Elusive Rally / Thralls / Lee Sin

Top 8 - Fanatio - Thralls / Lux/Poppy Shellfolk / Viego

Top 8 - RodsMTG - Sivir / Plunder / Elusive Rally

GGToor x Runeterra Life Bandle Gunners Cup #2 EU

1st - Kuraschi / Teddy - Darkness / Elusive Rally / Plunder

2nd - Ace Bombastiko / DragonGuyWhoDied - Sion / Teemo/Swain / Bandle Pirates

Top 4 - Den / Ultraman - Darkness / Lee Sin / Plunder

Top 4 - CyberDragon / Pespcola - Sivir / Poppy/Lux Shellfolk / BC Jayce/Heimer

First let’s address the elephant in the room for those of you who regularly read - the reason Jtamonda is not in the top 2 of AM Fight Night is that he wasn’t there, as he made way for the Seasonal Showdown edition of the showmatch tournament. I’ll be sure to update you on how his momentum carries over after the Seasonal, and hopefully, the new set will entice him to shift away from Sion and Sivir. Speaking of which, Sion and Sivir took a nosedive in playrate from the previous weeks up until now. Sivir managed to maintain a small presence throughout each event and even pick up a win at the EU Fight Night, but Sion appears only once throughout the entire weekend in the 2nd place lineup of the Bandle Gunners Cup. 

This is due in part to the large shift toward Plunder which won 3 of the 4 events we’re looking at and finished in 2nd place at the 4th, falling to an anti-Plunder lineup. The power trio of Sion/Sivir/Gangplank that I have spent weeks telling you about has finally fallen to a total mutiny by Gangplank, who has brought Poppy and Lee Sin up through the ranks with him. On the opposing side, Thralls and Feel the Rush take center stage as the most prominent Plunder counters. The Freljord, it seems, has had a massive resurgence toward the tail end of the season after being the worst-performing region in Seasonal history at the Beyond the Bandlewood event, putting only 2 decks into the top 32 and showing up only once in the top 32 itself as the 3rd Bandle Tree deck in a player’s lineup. This time, however, Plunder is looking to take the top spot in popularity. Players have already shown up full force playing counter lineups to the deck, and Mtuck at the OLS was the only one to dethrone Plunder with it successfully. Thralls are going to be a big talking point for the week, as the consistency and matchup charts leave something to be desired for a lot of players looking for an appealing choice, but the fact remains it’s one of the more effective counters to Plunder.

Along a similar vein, we have Star Spring, which Owi piloted to a 2nd place finish at EU Fight Night. The deck has a 100% appearance rate during the top 32 portion of the Americas Seasonal but doesn’t always make it through the swiss rounds. With Lee Sin once again looking to make a big spike around the time of the Seasonal compounded with control being an appealing counter option for the meta, Star Spring seems to be on paper in one of the best spots it’s ever been. In fact, landmark decks, in general, seem to be on the upswing, with Bandle Tree taking more top spots this weekend than it has since the release of patch 2.18. With Draven/Ezreal completely gone from the meta Teemo/Swain stands alone as the only deck playing Scorched Earth, and its place in the meta has been shaky at best. While Elusive Rally keeps these decks in check on ladder, the triple rally lineups from the previous Seasonal are a relic of the past. It’s very likely only one Poppy-esque deck will be brought in any given lineup, giving landmark decks more breathing room than ever before.

And of course, I want to talk about Jayce. While Da Tank Buster cut Jayce for Kindred in their adaptation of Ledros Control, the duo of EU Masters Champions Pepscola and CyrberDragon came through with the Production Surge Heimerdinger variant we’ve all been waiting for. Decklists from the Bandle Gunner Cup weren’t linked due to possible errors within the deck sheet, but the list in question can be found here. At this point in time, I can’t confidently say that Jayce is going to make an impact in the meta or where he really fits into a lineup, but this is as good a starting point as you’re likely to get if you’re committed to including the Defender of Tomorrow in your Seasonal lineup. The archetype as a whole is still in its early stages and most players don’t seem to agree on what champion to pair with Jayce, but after getting no updates on Jayce decks last week we’ll have to take what we can get. 

While this Seasonal may be the Between Worlds Season, I’m still counting both it and Beyond the Bandlewood as 2022 Seasonals when looking at statistics. One of my favorite things to track has been which decks manage to top every Seasonal tournament, as well as their playrate in doing so; is the deck putting a large number of players in (Draven/Ezreal), or is it a consistent 1 of at these events (Star Spring). It’ll be a few more events before I have anything conclusive, but I’m looking forward to having a little more data to play with. Putting data aside and doing a little speculating though I want to leave you with a few of my predictions; one I’m certain of, one I’m confident in, and one bold. First, Lee Sin will continue on its reign of being the only deck to top every single Seasonal, and Star Spring will maintain its 100% top 32 playrate. Second, the top 3 decks will be (not in order) Elusive Rally, Plunder, and Lee Sin. Sivir/Akshan will come in at #4. And finally, for my bold prediction, Sion will either have an unexpectedly high or low success rate. The deck will either break into the top 3 and throw off my confident prediction, or we’ll have people saying “man what happened to Sion” all week after the event. I’m talking 4-6 Sion decks in the top 32 for that scenario. And while we’re on the topic of bold predictions and numbers, I’m going to predict that this Seasonal no decks take up more than half of the top 32. For historical reference, we’re currently 50/50 on at least one deck taking up more than 16 spots. So with the meta neatly laid out for you and my predictions shouted out into the universe, I’d like to hear some of your bold predictions for this weekend as well. Tweet me at @CasterBoulevard and let me hear your hot takes, and make sure above all else that you tune in this weekend at or check back next week for the open rounds recap article.

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