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LoR Competitive Week in Review for 11/8 - 11/14

Over the last few weeks, the meta has sat pretty still and been unwavering. During this time I’ve really been hyping up the release of Jayce and his supporting cards to shake things up. He came along with an incredible PvE expansion in The Path of Champions, and Act 2 of Arcane dropped this weekend as well! What I’m getting at here is that, with so many exciting things happening this weekend,  the presence of an open tournament slipped through the cracks. Tournament organizers are people too after all, and sometimes when a lot of new and exciting stuff drops at once, you just cancel your plans and consume that content. As such, we’ll only be looking at the results of Giant Slayer TV’s Fight Nights this week, which were sadly rather devoid of Jayce.

We kick things off on the EU side with our champion Hollow and runner-up Kannan. While Kannan continued to give us the consistent taste of the Sivir/Sion/Gangplank dominated meta by bringing Sion and Plunder, our champion went a little off-script with Lee Sin and Darkness. Lee and Darkness are decks that capable pilots have found a lot of success with over the last few metas, and ones that can be easily slept on if you don’t see them at the top for a while. Lee in particular is one that seems to be counted out at the beginning of nearly every meta, and then spikes in play-rate for the Seasonal tournament, so let Hollow’s success on Friday put you on notice that we’re approaching that major tournament of the season. Darkness has only been around for one Seasonal so far (if you can believe that!) so I wouldn’t put it in exactly the same vein as Lee when we’re talking about its skill to power level ratio. Considering play-rate tendencies as the Seasonal approaches, it's likely only a matter of time. 

Then on the AM side of things, Jtamonda made yet another finals appearance with his signature Sion and Sivir combo. While you may be tired of seeing Sivir and Sion, you can’t discredit Jtamonda for making one of the most incredible streaks in recent Fight Night history. If he can keep this up for one more week (or even if he can’t) you’ll likely see him at #1 on the power rankings going into the Between Worlds Seasonal tournament in just two short weeks. He didn’t claim total victory this week - that honor went to NNT Flayzera on Bandle Tree and Plunder. While you could look at this and write it off as just Poppy and Gangplank decks, Bandle Tree is rather unique compared to the traditional Poppy decklist. As the meta has stagnated out in a primarily midrange manner, some players have been turning to control to solve the issue. If you want to get ahead of that curve, Bandle Tree is a great deck choice given its ability to win the game with a landmark. Draven/Ezreal has completely fallen off the map at this point, leaving Teemo/Swain as the only deck we’re seeing that is running Scorched Earth (or really any landmark removal for that matter.) On top of being a great control counter, Flayzera just demonstrated their ability to go toe to toe with the meta as is. 

Before I wrap up this wrap-up, there were two more things I wanted to mention; 1st is that MonteXristo won his first Riot Grand Prix over XxWhatAmIxX with Viktor/Vi, Fizz/Nami, and Plunder. If you don’t know what a Riot Grand Prix is, it’s a League Partner Program showmatch tournament that takes place roughly every other month. While the player skill is certainly there within these events, the showmatch nature of the event means that a lot of liberties are taken in the deckbuilding process, so I don’t want to cover the event in depth. The 2nd thing is that while Jayce didn’t finish within the top 2 of either of the Fight Nights covered here, there was a Jayce deck in each of the tournaments, and I would be remiss to hype him up for you and then not be able to write about him at all. If you’ve been hard grinding the PvE content and need a starting point for Jayce, you can check out Ultraman’s take on Ledros Control or "the Shadawx Spice".  If you’re looking to climb that ladder, I’d recommend the first one. With all of that addressed, there’s nothing left to update you on. Be sure to check back next week when more grassroots action returns, and the Jayce refinement levels up for the last competitive wrap-up before the Between Worlds Seasonal!

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