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LoR World Championship Day 2 Recap

With the spice cranked up to 11 for Day 2, it was time to find out which 4 players would be joining XxWhatAmIxX, Aikado, Cosmio, and Realkey in the top 8 of the World Championship. I’ll keep the intro short again, and get you right into the action so you’re all caught up before we get to crownin’ a champion. 

Match 2 Group D

Szychu vs KevinLoR
(Feel the Rush / Zoe/Heimerdinger / BANNED:Draven/Cait/Ez) vs (Lulu/Poppy / Plunder BANNED:Sivir Demacia

When the top 16 decklists were released, people lost their collective minds over Szychu’s lineup. Feel The Rush was considered a relic of a bygone era, and Heimerdinger had seen some fringe Targon play during the first EU Masters, but not since. And now, Szychu had brought the archetype to the single most important event of the year, playing the deck with Bandle City instead of Piltover & Zaun. Kevin on the other hand surprised me with what he didn’t bring: GPBC. The new Gangplank Bandle City deck seemed like exactly the kind of deck that Kevin would be drawn toward, but he stuck with his trusty Plunder instead for his GP fix.

The day had started with AM taking a win over EU as Xeloo took down Alanzq, and now Kevin was looking to continue the streak as he queued his Lulu/Poppy into Szychu’s Feel The Rush for game 1. Kevin started by poking Szychu’s nexus with a Yordle Smith, then playing a Lulu on his off turn. Wanting to be mana efficient, Szychu used Grasp of the Undying to kill Lulu. Kevin elected not to save it with either of his Ranger’s Resolves, instead of running out the 2nd copy on the following turn. Szychu had a few sweepers in hand but didn’t want to commit anything that would just kill the Smith while Kevin still had open mana. He cast Despair on Lulu, and the ensuing Fleetfeather Tracker helped knock Szychu down to 13. 

Szychu opted for an open pass on turn 5, as a Yordle Smith and Tracker combo wasn’t the most threatening duo, and waited for Kevin to commit more to the board. The commitment came in the form of a Conchologist, manifesting a Cataclysm. Szychu felt now was an appropriate time to Avalanche, and Resolve #1 was used to save the Smith and Conchologist. Another Smith was played, and the turn ended. Kevin went for a nice 6 damage open attack, and Szychu cast Withering Wail, attempting to pick off the units that had survived the Avalanche. Another Resolve was used, but the life gain still negated half of the incoming damage, leaving Szychu at 10. Kevin didn’t have much left in the tank, and summoned Kelp Maiden, hoping to make another big push with his Relentless Pursuit while Szychu was low on mana. Even with no response, it wouldn’t be lethal, but Kevin was down to just his field and the manifested Cataclysm. A Kindly Tavernkeeper provided Szychu with a nice life swing and an effective blocker into an entirely 2 attack board. A 3rd Yordle Smith off the top was not the high impact draw Kevin needed to try and mount a comeback through the 7 remaining nexus health, and Szychu was able to choke out the game into an eventual win.

Szychu 1-0

Now came the moment everyone had been waiting for: Zoe/Heimerdinger. Kevin elected to run back his Lulu/Poppy.


Both players started the game off with value engines chugging along. Yordle Squire traded with a Loping Telescope, and Szychu picked up a Crescent Strike for his troubles. Bandle City Mayor grabbed an Arena Kingpin for Kevin, and Szychu gunned it down immediately with Buster Shot. On turn 4 Kevin was forced to play a Poppy with no board and Szychu invoked a Serpent with The Fangs. On his following attack turn, Kevin went wide with Lulu/Yordle Squire/Fleetfeather Tracker but lost the Tracker to a Pokey Stick and Poppy was sent to timeout for the turn by Solari Sunhawk. Lulu and the Squire were a fine amount of pressure, and with 7 damage being threatened, The Fangs was used to chump-block Lulu. She was healed up a little with Tiny Shield. Szychu played his Serpent. 

Kevin played the last unit in his hand, Arena Kingpin. He had another copy of both champions on backup, but Szychu was more in the business of stunning than killing and it was unclear if Lulu or Poppy would die until it was too late. Szychu took a Mayor to value down, getting a Bomber Twins with the manifest, then playing out Loping Telescope for another Bomber Twins, playing 1 for a Hexplosive Minefield. On Kevin’s attack turn he used nearly all of his mana to summon Cithria the Bold, and Szychu used his Crescent Strike to stun Poppy and Cithria. Arena Kingpin went in solo and was traded for the Telescope and a Hush. Szychu ended the turn with an Aloof Travelers knocking a Poppy out of Kevin's hand. Tenor of Terror put some fear into Szychu, who killed Cithria with a Sunburst. Kevin played a Relentless Pursuit and Szychu responded by once again stunning Poppy with Hexplosive Minefield. Szychu sent 4 of his units at Kevin's face, who took the damage before passing. 

Kevin was sure that by this point Szychu was out of stuns. He used Brightsteel Protector to protect Lulu and lost his 3rd Poppy in hand to another Aloof. The trades worked out favorable for Kevin, who even used Lulu’s Whimsy to prevent some of the damage from being pushed onto his last Poppy. Szychu played the Heimerdinger he had finally drawn, tapping out to do so. Kevin fired off another Pursuit. Szychu fell to 1, was left with nothing but a 2/1 Heimerdinger, and was left to rebuild his board from there. He tried to finish off Poppy with Pokey Stick, but a top-decked Sharpsight kept her alive. For extra protection, Kevin used Help Pix! To give her barrier. Szychu used Guiding Touch to get out of the range of the 2 impact units on Kevin’s board, then summoned Fangs. With both players at 4 units, he passed. Kevin gave Poppy barrier again with Pix and full sent, leveling Poppy and threatening 7 damage just from impact. Szychu used 2 Starshaping, finding Great Beyond and Supernova. With Kevin at 9 health and no cards in hand, it would take a miracle to survive. 

In case you haven’t been watching Worlds, miracles are the name of the game. When Szychu summoned the Great Beyond, Kevin used Help, Pix! to pop the spell shield. When he attacked, Kevin played his top-decked card - Lulu’s Whimsy. The Turrets were blocked as well, and Kevin and his massive board with a leveled Poppy and Lulu swung in for lethal on the next turn. 

Kevin 1-1

Szychu started us off with a proper Targon opener: Zoe on 1. Kevin ran out a Corsair into a Marai Warden, pulling Dragon Chow. When Sunhawk stunned the Warden, an attack from Chow to utilize the Corsair ability earned an amused nod from Szychu, who blocked it with his Hawk. Kevin continued to rack up the plunder procs, casting Make It Rain to trade onto Szychu’s units on the next turn. Sunblessed Vigor saved Zoe, but Marai and the Sunhawk traded. Another Marai on the next turn found an elusive for Kevin. With Zoe at 2 health still, he couldn’t attack with it, and instead repeated the line from turn 2: attacking with Dragon Chow after another Sunhawk stunned the Warden again. A follow-up Black Market Merchant nabbed a reduced cost Hush.


After losing Zoe to the Hush, Szychu was in a rough spot. He had Sunburst to deal with Gangplank or Sejuani, but with Kevin racking up nexus hits every turn, a level 2 Sejuani would be out of the range of the kill spell. Kevin, on the other hand, continued to find fuel. Szychu lost a Sunburst to the nabbed Travelers, but found his own copy off a Loping Telescope. This yielded him another Sunburst and traded out Kevin’s Yordle Grifter for a Monkey Idol.

Then Kevin drew Feel the Rush. I’m gonna skip ahead a little here.

Szychu started off his turn 9 with a Buster Shot onto the Aloof Travelers. With Kevin at 11 and Szychu’s hand full of removal, it made sense to get the blockers out of the way. It did mean that Kevin’s Feel The Rush was safe from a daybroken Sunburst, and without the silence portion, his 10/10 champions would live long enough to get an open attack on the following turn. And so they did.

KevinLoR (1-0) W vs Szychu (0-1)

Match 7 Group C
Alanzq vs やまと (Yamato)
(Sivir Demacia / Draven/Caitlyn / BANNED:Shellfolk Ezreal) vs (Plunder / Darkness / BANNED:Draven/Sion)

In his second match of the day, Alan’s Shellfolk Ezreal was once again banned. The people would have to continue to wait for it, but we would get to see Yamato, the only Asia shard representative in the tournament, play the only Darkness deck in the tournament. 

As you would expect of a Darkness vs Draven/Caitlyn matchup, the early game passed without much on-board action. Yamato’s first Twisted Catalyzer was met with Sump Fumes, staking up the 2 Tri-Beam Improbulator in Alan’s hand. The 2nd one stuck alongside a Stilted Robemaker, and an unanswered open attack on 5 that left Darkness at 3 damage and 2 mana. Alan was accelerating his own plan as well, having played four 3 cost cards already, stacking his Tri-Beams to 5 damage each. Yamato played a Darkbulb Acolyte and killed Draven with Darkness. On the next turn, Alan drew Lost Souls, allowing him to get the ball rolling with a Sump Dredger. Yamato played Veigar and the first Tri-Beam was used, summoning Horns of the Dragon. 

On turn 7, Yamato manifested a Glimpse Beyond with the Conchologist and used Darkness to kill Caitlyn. Alan ticked up Tri-Beam to 7 with another Sump Dredger, and Yamato attacked with his entire board. Alan was happy to value trade and clear out most of Yamato’s board just for 2 damage to be pushed through, which still put him at a hearty 14. Pokey Stick cleaned up a Dredger, and at the start of the round, it was Alan’s Horn and a 2/3 Twinbalde Revenant (prank) staring down a Conchologist. Alan wanted more and used Spinning Axe on the Horn to discard another Lost Soul and summon another Twinblade Revenant. Yamato had drawn the perfect answer for this and summoned Senna. Alan took aim with his large Tri-Beam, which Yamato responded to by Glimpse Beyonding the Senna and sending Darkness to the damaged Horn, finishing it off. 

Here’s where things get...wonky.

You know how Twinblade Revenant is a great value engine? Has your friend ever tried to show you a deck idea where you constantly kill your own Twinblades with Overgrown Snapvine to keep getting Lost Souls in hand? Don’t worry, Alan will show you. 

With Alan tapped out and representing 9 damage as well as a kill onto his Conchologist, Yamato cast an Onslaught of Shadows that he manifested earlier. Alan challenged the Conchologist and ended his turn. Yamato started his turn with an Otterpus. Alan played Aloof Travelers, which was poised to discard the Rekindler out of Yamato's hand. He drew a 2nd copy and played it, summoning Senna. He attacked and lined up his Darkness onto a Twinblade Revenant, grabbing another Darkness thanks to Senna’s on attack ability. Alan summoned Boom Baboon and Draven, putting him at 3 Snapvine, Draven, and a 2/1 Revenant. He opened the next turn with an Axe onto Draven, discarding Flame Chompers to summon another Snapvine. Revenant pulled Otterpus, and 4 Snapvine and a Draven were coming for Yamato’s 17 health nexus. He double blocked the Snapvines and sent Darkness at Draven, taking 10 damage. He played Veigar, but Alan had drawn Thermogenic Beam. After summoning Aloof to take Yamato’s Withering Wail, Alan killed the Veigar. Yamato played another Robemaker, putting Darkness at 1 mana 3 damage. He had a Darkness in hand thanks to Veigar and an Acolyte available, but Alan had 3 Snapvines and there seemed to be no end in sight with 2 Lost Souls in hand. 

Yamato opened the 10th turn of the game, killing a Snapvine with Darkness. Alan responded with his draw for turn; Rummage. Discarding both Lost Souls, he drew the 3rd copy alongside Scorched Earth. Conchologist manifested Haunted Relic. Alan turned a Revenant into a Snapvine. Yamato played Darkbulb Acolyte and killed a Snapvine with Darkness. It was immediately replaced with another Revenant sacrifice. With 3 units for each player, Yamato attacked, sneaking through 3 damage and setting one of the remaining Snapvines to 1 health. Alan drew Get Excited for turn, then immediately found another one with Station Archivist. With Yamato at 7, Alan elected to play it slowly and kill the Darkbulb, planning to let his Snapvines do the work. Vile Feast killed a Snapvine, and Twinblade Revenant replaced it again. Yamato summoned Ixtali Sentinel and Twisted Catalyzer and prepared once again to try and chew through the 3 Snapvine on Alan's board. Alan attacked with all 3, and with full blocks Yamato was able to kill 2 Snapvines and finish off the last one with the Darkness, now sending 4 damage at Alan’s nexus thanks to the Catalyzer that had just killed a Snapvine. Alan went to 7 while Yamato had climbed to 12 thanks to Vile Feast and his Sentinel. Perhaps more importantly, he had cleared the Snapvine infestation. 

On Yamato's attack turn, Alan summoned Lost Souls into the open board and that was the end of it. Going into his attack turn, he had drawn a 2nd Get Excited, but an open attack from the Souls would put Yamato at 7 - not enough to finish the job. He summoned a Revenant that remained a Revenant, and Yamato used his Haunted Relic to gum up the board. Alan played Caitlyn, and with a hand of Prank, 2 Vile Feast, and Pokey Stick, Yamato sent Pokey Stick at Alan’s nexus, dropping him to 6. He drew and played another Pokey Stick, drawing Darkbulb Acolyte. He summoned it into Alan's board of Lost Souls / Revenant / Caitlyn and passed without casting Darkness.

Back to Alan’s attack turn. He summoned Arachnoid Sentry, trying to pressure the board advantage further to try and push through a lethal attack. Yamato lined up 2 Vile Feast onto the Sentry in response, but thought better of stacking everything up at once, and cast a single Feast. He then cast Otterpus as a blocker. Alan cast a 2 damage Tri-Beam onto the Spiderling, prompting the 2nd Feast from Yamato. Alan countered by Ravenous Flock’ing his own unit, denying the spider and the heal. Alan was left with 4 attackers against just an Otterpus for Yamato. He fired off both Pranks, upping the cost by 2 of a Get Excited and a Rummage. He then used Darkness on Lost Souls, leaving him with just a Stress Defense in hand, and an Otterpus on board to block alongside his stunned Acolyte. 

Alan passed.

Yamato drew Ixtali Sentinel for turn and played it. Alan took a burst pass with Rummage, and Yamato attacked with the Sentinel, killing the Sunhawk that spawned from Tri-Beam and putting him up to 17 nexus health. The Sentinel fell to Scorched Earth, and Darkness was used to kill Twinblade Revenant and push Alan down to 1 nexus health. On the following turn, Yamato drew another copy of Ixtali Sentinel! After nearly 30 long minutes the game came to an end as Yamato summoned the Sentinel, and cast Darkness for lethal. 

Yamato 1-0

With a very slow opening hand for Yamato and a reactive one for Alan, the turns came and went with the only action in the early game being Yamato playing a Parlay on Alan’s nexus on turn 2. On turn 4 he finally had a play - Yordle Grifter. He nabbed a Get Excited, getting a Get Excited out of Alan’s hand to kill the Grifter as well. Having discarded Lost Souls for it, Alan used his remaining mana to summon the Twinblade Revenant. Committing to the turn 2 Parlay, Yamato played Make It Rain, pinging the nexus and Revenant. The next turn Alan passed away his attack token, and Yamato played another Make It Rain.

Turn 6 we were only at 3/5 on Yamato’s champions’ level-ups, so he played another Grifter that nabbed Lost Souls to pair with his Get Excited. Alan played Draven and removed the Yordle with Sump Fumes, ticking up the Tri-Beam nestled in the corner of his hand. Crackshot Corsair came down for the plunder player, but after much debate, he decided that attacking for the level-up proc wasn’t worth it. Instead, he cast a 3rd Make It Rain, killing the Twinblade Revenant and ending the turn. 

Alan opened with an Axe onto Draven, yielding a Revenant that he summoned. Yamato completed the most unholy series of events leading to a Gangplank level up I’ve ever seen by casting Warning Shot into a Black Market Merchant that continued the good string of thievery with a Thermogenic Beam. Alan challenged the Corsair and sent Draven at the nexus, evening things up with Yamato at 16 to Alan’s 15. GP came down leveled up, but a Thermo of Alan’s sent him to an early grave. Yamato fired off his own Thermo to kill Draven. 

A small exchange of resources happened, including Yamato using his Get Excited to get and play a Twinblade Revenant. He nabbed an Arachnoid Sentry with his 3rd Grifter, but Alan was still burying him in cards. Yamato was loaded up on Monster Harpoons that didn’t have phenomenal targets outside of theoretical Tri-Beam units, and Alan continued to show him how Lost Souls was supposed to be used, utilizing it over and over. Yamato could only summon his Lost Souls to get Revenants at this point, and without a significant threat, things continued to slip away. Alan went 4 wide against just a Lost Souls and fired off a Tri-Beam onto the Lost Souls into a 6/6 They Who Endure. Yamato played a Warning shot and Black Market Merchant, grabbing Flock. It died to a Piltover Peacemaker, and he played the last BMM to get Aloof. Alan played his own Aloof, making Yamato draw and Discard Sejuani since all 3 of his Harpoons were at 3 mana for the remainder of the turn. He played his own Aloof as a blocker, fired off 2 Harpoons, blocked Endure with his BMM, and still fell to just 6 nexus health. He had Flock to finish off the Endure, but Alan continued to run out nearly every unit in his hand to stay wide enough to try and push through the last bit of damage so he could end it with his Get Excited. Yamato was able to fend off the open attack, again, using Flock and Monster Harpoon while losing his entire board while Alan’s remained intact. On his next attack turn, he summoned Sejuani. Alan had a plan for this and used Get Excited on Sejuani and Tri-Beam onto Crackshot Corsair, setting up Sejuani for the last card in Alan's hand; Ravenous Flock. With Alan being 2 units wider and Yamato totally out of removal, the players moved on to game 3 with just 5 minutes left on the clock.

Alanzq 1-1

While both players had played slow methodical games for the first parts of the match, no one wanted to be the salty timeout story of Worlds.

Alan came out of the gate with Treasure Seeker, answered by a Crackshot. Alan went face and Yamato accepted, only for him to return the favor on the next turn. Alan took the block and played Akshan. Yamato slammed BMM, nabbing Brightsteel Protector. Alan summoned Merciless Hunter to grant vulnerable to the BMM, but Brightseel came in to save the day. On turn 4 Yamato summoned another Crackshot, but this time Alan had the Protector. Yamato played Warning Shot instead, following it up with another BMM to steal Sharpsight. Another Treasure Seeker rounded out the turn. Alan opened his turn with another Merciless Hunter, offering Crackshot Corsair as a gift for Renekton. Yamato cast Parlay on Treasure Seeker but was countered by Sharpsight, and Alan went in for a big attack with 90 seconds left on the clock. Akshan grabbed the BMM and Brightsteel took hold of Corsair, leaving Treasure Seeker to trade with the 2nd BMM and Brightsteel to kill 1 Hunter while the other hit the nexus. Sharpsight was used by Yamato to preserve a BMM and kill Akshan as he tried to salvage the situation and the deciding game of the match. But his hand was...not good.

He played Make it Rain, and Alan played his final Treasure Seeker. With his next draw being Three Sisters, Yamato didn’t have the resources to survive. He used Flash Freeze and Monster Harpoon on the 2 Sandstone Chargers, letting Alan push 7 damage as the clock moved into the final 5 minutes of overtime. With the Golden Aegis and a field clear of blockers, Alan was able to take the longest match of the tournament and keep his Top 8 hopes in his own hands. 

Alanzq (1-1) W vs Yamato (1-1)

Match 11 Group C

Alanzq vs Ragnarosich
(Sivir Demacia / Shellfolk Ezreal / BANNED:Draven/Caitlyn) vs (Sivir Demacia / Bandle Tree / BANNED:GPBC )

With every player starting the day 1-1, the last 4 matches of the day were all elimination games. Winner goes to Top 8, the loser goes home. So I wanted to check back in with Alan, whose Shellfolk Ezreal was finally left unbanned in the deciding match to see which EU player from Group C would advance. 

Alan seemed excited that his Shellfolk deck was unbanned and queued it up for game 1 against Sivir Demacia. Turn 3 started off with Ragnar summoning a Merciless Hunter to grant vulnerable onto a Conchologist that had manifested a Poro Cannon. Alan tried to fend it off with Mystic Shot, but it was saved by a Shapsight. Treasure Seeker killed the Conchologist, and Merciless walloped him for 6 damage. Alan finished off the Hunter with Thermogenic Beam, and the damage was done. He was happy to offer a pass on turn 4, but Ragnar played a Sivir. Alan discarded a 2nd copy of Vi he drew for turn for Poro Cannon, summoning and attacking with both Poros. Rangnar summoned a Ruin Runner for turn, and Alan responded with Vi. A full attack from Ragnar only yielded one damage, as a Poro blocked Sivir and Vi traded onto Ruin Runner. 


On turn 6, Alan played Curious Shellfolk. Ragnar only had his 6 non-spell mana and a Sivir on board, but still managed to get together a kill onto the Shellfolk with Concerted Strike and Shaped Stone. Alan played a Trinket Trade for some value, grabbing Otterpus and summoning the reduced-cost copy. He had another Shellfolk in hand, and Ragnar was out of removal. He held only Shaped Stone, Treasure Seeker, Waking Sands, and Golden Aegis. He drew another Aegis for turn and summoned Treasure Seeker. Alan played another Otterpus, blocking the Sivir and trading onto the Seeker. With no other plays, he played Golden Aegis onto Sivir and attacked again, clearing out the last chump blocker. With his opponent's mana a little lower, Alan felt safe to summon another Otterpus and an Ezreal. 

Alan started his turn with Curious Shellfolk, oblivious to the Cataclysm that Ragnar had just drawn. Alan’s own hand was Ezreal’s Mystic Shot, Sump Fumes, and 3 copies of Prank. Despite Prank being Focus speed, Ragnar decided that Ezreal was the more important target and pulled it into the Cataclysm with Sivir. Alan let it go, and fired off all 2 Pranks, upping the cost of Golden Aegis and Waking Sands while getting reduced-cost copies for himself thanks to Shellfolk. Ragnar played a Waking Sands, and Alan responded with the final Prank to copy a Shaped Stone, then cast Golden Aegis onto his Shellfolk. Ragnarosich tried to pass, but Alan summoned Ezreal. Another pass from Ragnar. Pokey Stick came down onto Sivir. Another pass. Alan attacked with Ezreal and Shellfolk, prompting Ragnar to once again prioritize the Ezreal with Quicksand and a block from Sivir. Alan tried to save Ezreal with Sump Fumes to finish off Sivir, but the Shaped Stone saved her. She was damaged and down to 1 health, and with another Pokey Stick in Alan’s hand, she didn’t pose much of a threat. 

Both players were running low on cards as Alan killed the Sivir with Pokey Stick and hit the nexus, but a Preservarium into another Preservarium into a Vekauran Vagabond looked to be the bailout Ragnar needed. Both players were at 13 and the only threat for Alan was the Shellfolk. Ragnar elected not to play his Vagabond, and both players passed until the Preservarium countdowns were completed on Alan’s attack turn. They yielded an Akshan and Sharpsight to pair with a Sivir draw for turn, but Alan drew Time Trick. With Curious Shellfolk in play, he was able to Time Trick into another Time Trick, giving him a 1 mana copy of it as well. The copy got him 2 Mystic Shots, and the real Time Trick yielded 2 more Mystic Shots. With all of this happening at burst speed, Alan played Shaped Stone onto his Shellfolk and attacked freely, knocking Ragnarosich down to 8 nexus health - the perfect amount to throw 4 Mystic Shot at.

Alanzq 1-0

Wanting to delay the Sivir/Akshan mirror as long as possible, Ragnarosich swapped over to the only Bandle Tree deck in the top 16. Alan’s hand was missing the hallmark pump spells of Sivir Demacia, but a Fleetfeather + Brightsteel opener with the attack on 2 pushed a quick 5 into the nexus of Ragnar, who played a Bandle Commando after combat. He struck the nexus and went wide with his Owlcat and a House Spider, which Alan matched with a Vagabond. Turn 4 came quick as a lick, and Alan put another barrier onto his Tracker. Loping Telescope manifested a Serpent for Ragnar, who lost his Bandle Commando to the Tracker and a Spiderling to the Vagabond. 

With his board still plenty wide, Ragnar drew and played Poppy. Alan immediately double tapped with a Concerted Strike. Ragnar swung out regardless, offering trades on every unit. Alan accepted, and both players lost all 4 units. Ragnar followed up with a Proto Poro, sitting on a hand of light removal and 2 copies of Bandle Tree. Alan played Vekauran Bruiser, and Ragnar used the opportunity to play a Bandle Tree. He followed this up by Pokey Sticking his own Poro to block the Bruiser and deny a Lucky Find. Slippery Waverider came out of the Tree and onto the battlefield straight away, ticking Bandle Tree up to 8 regions. Alan played Sivir and used Single Combat on the Bruiser to kill the Waverider, prompting a Group shot to make sure both units died. Sivir leveled up off the interaction, and the ensuing Lucky Find completed the countdown for the Warlord’s Palace and gave Sivir fearsome. Alan played Akshan and lost it to Buster Shot. Alan used the Relic of Power to predict and draw a Preservarium, then ended the turn by summoning Treasure Seeker. Ragnar slipped in a Bandle Commando, not wanting to take the open attack. 

Turn 8. Attack token for Alanzq. Sivir and Treasure Seeker stared down a Bandle Commando. Alan played his Preservarium, finding a Sharpsight. Ragnar played a Fallen Feline from the Bandle Tree, ticking up to 9 regions played. Alan cast Waking Sands and Ragnarosich summoned Fizz. Alan applied vulnerable to Fizz with Merciless Hunter, prompting Buster Shot to be used to kill the Hunter. Alan all-out attacked, and with Sharpsight on his Treasure Seeker Alanzq found 15 fearsome damage to end the game right before the Tree victory was obtained, and move on to the Top 8.

Alanzq (2-1) W vs Ragnarosich (1-2)

Alan, Yamato, Odyssey, and Szychu all moved on to the Top 8 with 2-1 records. After a strong showing on Day 1, the Americas failed to send any players to the Top 8 from Day 2, but with Odyssey and Yamato making it, we would have all 4 regions represented in the Top 8 to duke it out for the title of World Champion. You can watch the action today starting at 11 am ET on

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