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Player Spotlight: Agigas

One of the best things about creating content for a game you’re passionate about is that there are a lot of different ways to do it. While streaming on Twitch or making videos on YouTube are certainly some of the flashiest, they’re far from the only outlets. Heck, right now you’re consuming my content in the form of this article. Assuming that this is a habit you regularly indulge in, you’ve very likely come across Agigas.

While his video platforms aren’t getting much use these days, Agigas is a staple in the world of written Runeterra content. Currently he’s pushing out roughly 3 articles a week over at RuneterraCCG, ranging from deck guides to patch reviews and my personal favorite, lineup reviews. As impressive as his diversity of content is, what makes Agigas stand out to me is the range of audience he’s able to speak to. If there’s been a recent shift from a set release or patch, he’s very quick to have a solid foundation of a few decks for people to start with, making him an easy recommendation for beginners. At higher levels, he offers deck guides and lineup advice for everything from the weekly Gauntlet to the World Championship. I myself have made a habit of checking his Seasonal Tournament Meta Preparation article before committing to my own Seasonal tier list, at the very least for the sake of comparing notes with one of the brightest minds out there.

Of course, there’s so much more to him than just the content he produces. Agigas has a storied competitive history with LoR. I’ve spoken in the past about Duels of Runeterra, the premier grassroots tournament for most of 2020 for Legends of Runeterra, and Agigas’ accomplishments stretch as far back as being the champion of the first EU Duels of Runeterra (DoR #2) nearly 20 months ago. He would also go on to win DoR #13, this time on the Americas shard, putting him in an elite club with Freshlobster as the only players to win both an EU and AM DoR. It was during this time that some of us casters hyped up a bit of a rivalry between Agigas and Lobster, culminating in the two being placed in the same group at the Ascent of Targon Invitational along with Markus and GrappLr. Agigas made it out of the group alive, and moved on to a 2nd knockout group. He would move on to the top 8 of the event after eliminating Szychu, whose name you may recognize from getting 3rd at the 2021 World Championship. Agigas would ultimately fall in the double-elimination top 8, but it took the legendary Winding God to knock him out.

The man is very, very good at Legends of Runeterra and has been for a very long time is what I’m getting at.

Even recently, Agigas has been able to boast an appearance at the qualifier rounds of the World Championship following his top 4 finish at the Empire of the Ascended Seasonal. In fact, the only thing that’s really missing from Agigas’ long list of competitive accomplishments is an appearance at EU Masters. Part of this is by nature of how cutthroat the competition for a spot on Team France is, with the country boasting a 2nd place finish at the first EU Masters and being home to 2 of the 5 Seasonal Champions for the 2021 season. Agigas hasn’t had much trouble pushing for a high spot on the ladder when the mood strikes him, though, so it’s entirely possible that his absence from EU Masters is more a lack of trying than a shortcoming.

While it may sound like I’m a big Agigas fan, he has been at the center of some of my least favorite Runeterra memories as well as my favorites. Sure the rivalry between him and Lobster was cool if a little forced, but it kicked off because he put a small resurgence of Spooky Karma into the meta with his NA DoR win. I was still a little green as a caster in those days and I didn’t envy the EU team who had to keep everyone entertained during his sets. I even got a taste of it as well when he inspired Random7HS to make a finals run with the deck the next week. It’s a few hours of my life I’ll never get back, and I still believe it to be his fault. Nevertheless, it was a necessary step for him to grow into the player he is today, and part of his air-tight resume that has given him the authority to write the incredible content he now produces. It’s always nice to see someone from the very beginning still trucking along and finding success and new ways to improve the community, and I don’t doubt that Agigas will continue to impress with everything he does. 

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