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Player Spotlight: CastMin

The story of a successful player-turned-caster is one that any esports fan is going to be familiar with, as it’s happened in nearly every game that I can think of. Even in Legends of Runeterra, as young as it is, we have players like Manitas and FreshLobster who have shown their prowess in-game as well as on the microphone. What happens far less often is a caster who gets so fed up with watching players do the wrong thing week in and week out that they decide to get down in the weeds themselves and show everyone how it's done. Now that probably wasn’t exactly what CastMin had in mind when he started his tournament arc, but it’s a little more exciting than “there aren’t any EU timezone friendly tournaments to cast so I might as well start playing, and if I’m gonna play I might as well win” which is likely closer to the truth.

For as long as I can remember, CastMin has consistently drawn the short end of the stick. When he got into casting in the summer of 2020, he came in just a touch later than the rest of the old guard, leaving him more often than not as the odd man out as many casting duos had just started to establish themselves as a recognizable pair. While it was a discouraging start, he took what gigs were available without complaint, even if they didn’t match his timezone. Unfortunately, he was never able to establish himself as a regular face tied to any particular event, and when EU Masters was announced he knew he wasn’t going to be able to get onto the desk. Still wanting to be involved, he began interviewing the competitors about their lives and journeys to get to EU Masters. With no Riot official broadcasts at the time, there were no platforms for players to tell their stories or even answer the simple interview questions people may like to know about them. CastMin helped to give them a voice when he didn’t have one.

As the years went on CastMin kept collecting different titles within the scene to see where he could find his calling; caster, interviewer, team manager, writer, and more. His casting had reached every corner of the globe as he’s one of the few who has done events in all 4 regions LoR has to offer (before SEA and Asia combined), but he was unable to find consistency. Finally, rather recently, CastMin decided to try on a new hat: player. We’ve seen casters enter the prestigious Fight Night: Legends before (I myself walked away with an impressive 1-2 record, thank you very much) to a mixed amount of success, but in CastMin’s debut, he managed to fight all the way to 2nd place. More than that, a man who has spent his LoR career helping to further the narrative of EU’s top talent self-inserted for the first time and ended Ultraman’s run at trying to catch up to FloppyMudkip's victory tally. And the cherry on top? He did it with Scouts - the caster deck. Of course, 2nd place is an impressive finish, but CastMin wasn’t satisfied and went on to win the next Fight Night he was invited to, securing him the 3rd week back and to my knowledge the crown of the first caster to win a Fight Night. 

CastMin The Player is still a young entity, and likely only he knows how this is going to go. Does he have dreams of winning a Seasonal, or is this a temporary gig during a lull in tournaments? He’s put passion and drive into every role he’s played so far, so a Seasonal top certainly seems on the table if it’s something he wants to push for. But even if the player journey ends here, with just a few good Fight Night runs, I’m proud of CastMin for his resolve in not giving up when things look bleak and moving on to the next thing with a smile. If he sticks with playing, puts on a new hat, knocks the dust off an old one, or tries to see how many he can fit on his head at one time, CastMin will keep giving it his all until he finds what fits best.

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