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Player Spotlight: Drisoth

It's December of 2022. You're at a holiday party (responsibly), and mingling with some like-minded individuals (Legends of Runeterra players). You pop into a conversation a bit late and ask what was being discussed, as both Arcane and Magical Misadventures have given you a lot of material for just such an occasion. "Well," says one, "we were just talking about how Kennen/Ezreal was the best deck in the game before it got nerfed". Not an unreasonable discussion. You partake. 

"Sure was," you say. "I'm glad they nerfed it before it got out of hand."

"Before it got out of hand?" They look at you puzzled. "It was the best deck that's ever existed."

You stop in your tracks. You thought they meant the best deck of the format... but in the history of the game? You know what you have to say. "What about Twisted Fate/Fizz?" The group looks at you with a mixed reaction. Some of them seem to think that what you said was something of a scalding hot take, and some look as though they'd never heard of it before. After some back and forth, you decide amongst yourselves that the best way to settle this is to play the decks in a head-to-head in their prime states. "Hold on," you fumble. "I uh, I've never actually played Twisted Fate/Fizz. I played Aphelios the entire meta. Can I phone in a friend to play for me?"

It's a fair request, and since this is more about finding out which was better than the ego of any individual player, everyone agrees. You call me. 

I tell you to call Drisoth.

Whether Drisoth was the best TF/Fizz player is certainly something that’s up for debate, but he is very much a part of the debate. While it’s unclear when exactly he started to play Legends of Runeterra, it was during that most broken of times that he started to make a name for himself. He was climbing the ladder and memeing on Twitter like a pro from the jump, and made a little piece of history that you’ll still hear Blevins reference today as one of his favorite plays in Fight Night’s extensive catalog.

So with TF/Fizz a relic of the past, why write about Drisoth now? You see up until recently Drisoth held a title of mixed honor in my eyes, “the best player to never top a Seasonal ''. With the Beyond the Bandlewood Seasonal that’s no longer the case, where Drisoth got to show off what he’s capable of when he’s found a deck he likes (in that event's case, Nami). This shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise to anyone following the scene closely at the time, as you may have recognized Drisoth and his signature Nami deck from the World Championship qualifiers. With only 6 seats available to AM from the qualifiers, Drisoth was left just outside of contention after falling to Aikado in the upper bracket for his win and in and then was unable to make it through his lower bracket of 3 Sultans players. Still,  a very commendable run.

This is all to say that when Drisoth finds a deck he likes, he tends to play it until it’s mastered. Unfortunately, this won’t take you as far as you’d like in a competitive environment in Legends of Runeterra, as mastery of 1 deck leads you to being banned out in Seasonal play. On ladder you do get to shine though, and so far this season Drisoth has already taken and reclaimed rank 1 multiple times. On top of that, he’s done it with a few different decks of his own creation, including Targon Kennen/Ahri and most recently Nami/Twisted Fate. While many of us are arguing over whether Kennen/Ezreal is still a viable deck, Drisoth has found a way to revive the Twisted Fate/Burblefish style of gameplay.

But there’s even more to Drisoth than just being a good player. I highly recommend following his Twitter as he’s one of the few passionate stats people that we have within the community, and he’s constantly taking feedback and rearranging the way in which he displays stats for ease of access. He’s also firing out more than just matchup charts, he’s tracking game health with things like playrate by region, playrate by win rate for top decks, and really anything you ask him about (all good things to impress your friends with at this hypothetical holiday party). There’s also a lot of pictures of his cat and talk of Doomsday piles, if either of those strike your fancy. He’s also picked up streaming lately and has done VOD reviews and deep-dive analysis as well as some laddering. 

Oh, and didn't I mention he memes?

There’s a lot of reasons to follow along on Drisoth’s journey, and I highly encourage you to do so as he’s been one of my personal favorite players for quite some time. His analytical approach to the game doesn’t fog his ability to follow his gut when he needs to, and I imagine there are quite a few seats in future top 32s with his name on them. And when you do find yourself calling him to come and defend your opinion on the best deck in the game debate this holiday season, try not to stare too much as he walks in the room. Because while he may not be the biggest name in Runeterra, he’s likely to be the biggest person at the event at a solid 6’8” (203cm).

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