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Player Spotlight: Dudu De Nunu

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There have been times while writing these player spotlights where I’ve had to double-check that I’m not writing about too many members of Team Hydra in a row. When writing out lists of players to watch for a Seasonal, I’ve had to check my Hydra count too. While an argument could be made that Team Hydra is so good because they’re just an amalgamation of some of the most veteran players in Brazil like 4LW, TheBlackBoss, Lazyguga, and many more, the criticism folds in on itself when we take a look at some of the new talent they’ve been able to develop. Dudu De Nunu didn’t start his Legends of Runeterra grind with Team Hydra, but once he moved to the team his progress skyrocketed, moving him from “the player with the funny name from the Seasonal” to “breakout talent of the year”.

Back in the early days of Runeterrra we had a lot of consistent grassroots grinders, young faces full of hope for whatever esports scene Runeterra developed into for their hard work to pay off. As time goes on the number goes down considerably, as it does in any game, and the influx of new grinders is sparse. But every now and then you see someone special down there in the mud; someone who’s not just grinding for the sake of grinding, but someone improving. Significantly. Time flies by and you didn’t know it at the time but you were there the first time Rocky Balboa threw a punch. You think to yourself “how did I miss that? How did I not know I was looking at something truly special?” Knock knock, it’s me, Boulevard, telling you that while you’ve missed the first time he put on his gloves, you can still catch some of his amateur fights. Dudu De Nunu has one of the most impressive grassroots resumes out there right now, constantly placing at everything from large open events, to Fight Night: Legends where he’s currently on a streak of back-to-back wins, to smaller events like the Runescola Open Series. 

While he’s dominating his amateur fights, the main event has been rather elusive to him. He only has one Seasonal top at the moment, but every time he fails to make the top 32 there seem to be 3 straight grassroot wins to make up for it. I’m not sure how recently he joined Team Hydra, but I’m hoping that with 2 of the most consistent Seasonal players in the Americas taking him under their wing that he can break through into a Seasonal titan in his own right. He already seems to draw a lot of inspiration from fellow teammate BlackBoss, as the two can often be seen running similar lineups due to their shared affinity for Demacia Midrange (especially the Demacia/Targon combination). With all these resources at his disposal, Dudu De Nunu has been making waves in the competitive Runeterra scene and is definitely a name we’ll be talking about a lot more as we approach the World Championship.

Dudu De Nunu stocks are still relatively cheap, so I advise you buy in while you can. Not only is he a star on the rise, but he’s rising faster and faster every week and there’s no telling when he’s going to reach the peak. Well, realistically the peak will come with his next Seasonal top, but even if that manages to elude him for the rest of the year it would take some sort of opposite-miracle to keep him from qualifying for Worlds through ladder. So keep your eyes on Dudu from now on, as his seat at the big table is all but guaranteed and his hunger for competition has already proven ferocious.

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