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Player Spotlight: Lazyguga

A few weeks ago we got the Legends of Runeterra Roadmap for 2022, with a huge talking point among the community being the discontinuation of Seasonal broadcasts. As someone who has had a large role in crafting the storylines we’re going to focus on during some of these broadcasts, I was heartbroken. There are a lot of great stories out there that are going to get swept under the rug without official broadcasts, and today I want to highlight one that I believe would have been such a victim.

“Nobody remembers 2nd place” is not an uncommon phrase to hear during pep talks or around any competitive environment. During the Magic Misadventure Seasonal broadcast, we focused a lot on Runeterra’s Big Three: MajiinBae, XxWhatAmIxX, and TheBlackBoss. These 3 players each have 6 Seasonal tops a piece, and admittedly I had put very little thought into who was #2 after this 3 way tie for first. I was surprised but not shocked when it was revealed on air that it was Hydra Gaming’s Lazyguga, who boasts 4 Seasonal top 32s - a player alone in this accomplishment as 3rd place is another large tie of players who all have 3 tops. To poetically drive home the point of being #2, Lazyguga went on to finish in 2nd place at the Magic Misadventure Seasonal, where he proved people will at least remember 2nd place from that event as he did it with three Bandle Tree decks. 

Admittedly I found the “Lazyguga is the #4 most consistent Seasonal player” more surprising than the fact that he brought 3 Bandle Tree decks. He’s always been a player that goes a little outside the box, and he’s someone who will live or die by this. Lazy got his first Seasonal top during Monuments of Power, and wouldn’t find himself in the top cut again until the end of the Shurima cycle at Rise of the Underworlds. While I can’t recall if he took a break for a few of the Seasonals between them, I do remember him being very active during Cosmic Creation. His teammate 4LW recently recounted his past Seasonals, and cited one of the reasons for his 3-1 (Seasonals were 5-0 or bust at the time) performance during Cosmic Creation to an underperformance by Tri-Beam Aphelios - a deck Lazyguga won a grassroots tournament with early in that season and likely influenced others into playing. It’s possible it was also the reason Lazy’s name was absent from the top 32, but like I said he’s willing to live and die by his calls. In all fairness, it usually works out for him, as a traditional Lazyguga lineup contains “A Top 3 Deck” / “A Middle Of The Pack Deck” / “A Deck Few Or No One Else Brought”. His most recent Seasonal success story started with him being the only person to top with Bandle Tree from the swiss rounds. Before that he was the only Poppy/Lulu/Jarvan IV player in a field of Poppy/Zeds, with his list being more reminiscent of Shen/Fiora than the Elusive Rally lists that were dominating at the time. I’ve mentioned in the past that there is value in throwing your opponent off their guard in the ban phase, and seeing a top 3 deck (but never #1) alongside something you’ve never seen before is a position a lot of Seasonal hopefuls have found themselves in, and they didn’t come out on top. 

It breaks my heart to see the Seasonal broadcasts go, but I’ll still be here hunting for stories like Lazy’s (and lower profile ones because it would be unfair to expect EVERYONE to match up Lazyguga) and highlighting what makes these players special. For example, on top of everything above, Lazyguga actually overtakes The Big Three if we take everyone who’s ever played Lee Sin out of the equation. That’s right - Lazyguga has never brought Lee Sin to a Seasonal in swiss or top cut and STILL managed to find the success that he has. So while I’m unsure what the future of the Seasonal tournaments holds and my specific involvement with them, your favorite players like Lazyguga will still be there chasing that #1 spot, and I’ll still find a way to bring you their stories.

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