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Player Spotlight: Sorry

With the first World Championship in the bag, we’re pretty snuggly settling into Runeterra’s first off-season. It’s during this off-season where the qualification slate is completely blank and everyone is on equal footing that I’d like to highlight some of the all-star talent from around the globe, not just the Americas server. With Europe winning Worlds and Asia getting 2nd, I found the perfect starting point - one of the best European players who technically lives in Asia. Lebanon, to be precise.

Anyone who’s anyone in the western competitive scene knows who Sorry is. Sporting a laundry list of accomplishments in the grassroots scene dating as far back as JamFest, Sorry has succeeded in just about every tournament Runeterra has to offer. He champions everything from a few wins at the Online League Series, to a top 8 at EU Masters: Chronicles of Shurima, and probably most notably a 3rd place finish at the Rise of the Underworlds Seasonal tournament. Part of Sorry’s success has been his ability to play all different kinds of decks. In previous player profiles there have been players that have been easy to nail down to a favored deck or at the very least a favored archetype, but not him. In fact, he seems willing to try just about everything, as a stand-out performance from him that will always stick with me was his OLS win using Braum/Vladimir Scargrounds.

Sometimes, however, simply being good at a game isn’t quite enough. There are a lot of external factors that can hold players back, and for Sorry one of them is where he lives. If you check out his Twitch channel and manage to scroll through all of his accomplishments, you’ll see a small FAQ with exactly 2 facts: he is the Master rank in Legends of Runeterra, and his stream quality is low because he lives in a 3rd world country. It’s been noted by Sorry on many occasions that he only gets a few hours of electricity each day, and after that is at the mercy of his laptop battery for hanging on until the end of a tournament. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. During the Rise of the Underworlds Seasonal, he tweeted out during the top cut that his power had gone out. He reassured people that his laptop battery would hold out for the next match, but living in the Middle East as opposed to Europe where the servers are may very well have played a role in one of the most infamous moments from that Seasonal. 

If you didn’t remember Sorry specifically, you probably at least knew him as “that guy who lost in Top 4 by 10 seconds on the timer in a game that was very much in the bag”. 

With Sorry playing so much Runeterra, he tends to find ways to balance out the bad with the good. During the Chronicles of Shurima edition of EU Masters, Sorry finished the grueling climb at rank 22, securing a spot for Lebanon in the event with Reaper and ChampionUnknown. They were perceived as one of the weaker teams in the event as ChampionUnknown was Diamond but still managed to fight their way to a top 8 finish, losing out to the eventual runner-up Finland. Many fans were left wondering if they would make a return at the next edition of EU Masters, but when Chronicles of Bandlewood was announced there was a change in the rules. All 3 players from the representing country would need to be Master rank, meaning that the Lebanese team would need to kick things up a notch if they were going to make a return. It’s unclear whether the rule change was the exact cause, but Lebanon did not qualify for the current iteration.

While the Middle East doesn’t come up much in conversations about which region is the strongest in Runeterra, Sorry certainly breaks the mold and stands out as one of the best players on the European server. His ability to take outside circumstances in stride is inspiring, and with 2 Seasonal tops under his belt despite everything it really feels like just a matter of time before he picks up a Seasonal title of his own. Until that happens, be sure to check out Sorry on Twitch/Twitter/YouTube, or one of his many articles on RuneterraCCG so you can witness his continued rise in real-time.

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