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Power Rankings: GiantSlayerLoR's Top 32 Players for Cosmic Creation

Hello everyone and welcome back to another round of Power Rankings for the Legends of Runeterra Seasonal Finals. Our Top 32 is set, and we’re here to give you the breakdown of all the players and where we rank them going into this weekend’s event. There’s a veritable bevy of great players playing this weekend, so we’re going to paint a slightly clearer picture of what we expect to see this weekend.  As always, let us know what you think on Twitter by tweeting at us @GiantSlayerLoR.

One additional note. Our Brazilian counterparts did an amazing job on the writeups of the BR players in the Americas Top 32 which can be found here. We’ve done rough translations and included their write-ups in this post so we would have the entire Top 32 represented in the power rankings.

32. Templar

Every player on this list is a great player, that should go without saying. Every one of the players qualified through 5 rounds of Swiss on Sunday and have earned their spot. Being number 32 on the list is still an accomplishment, and the list has to start somewhere. That being said, there is very little knowledge of Templar. All of the qualified players are sent a player survey to give some context and additional information on them (and honestly to help me write this article).  Templar went the route of few words. What we know of Templar is that they are one of the older competitors at 35, they are from Australia, and most importantly, they 5-0’d the Seasonal Swiss Rounds. At the end of the day, what’s happened before this Sunday doesn’t matter anymore.  What matters most is winning the last game you play on Sunday, and Templar has honed in on that.

31 + 30. Zorig Dungu + FilthyGamerWeeb

Zorig Dungu and FilthyGamerWeeb (FGW) are the first pair in our power rankings to be ranked together. This is not only because they tested for the event together, but they are also literally brothers. If you would have asked me how long it would take for a pair of brothers to both qualify for the same seasonal, I would have guessed about 2-3 years. The fact that we have had this happen in the second seasonal ever is nothing short of incredible. To compound this, Zorig and FGW are the two youngest players in the event at 19 and 16 respectively. We’ve seen brothers dominate in professional sports like Peyton and Eli Manning, and even seen brothers do well in other card games. Perhaps Legends of Runeterra has found its first brother combo to dominate its competitive scene.

29. Syphren

Many times in a high level event, you see players really digging down and min-maxing everything.  Playing to win at all times, and maximizing their odds to do that at all costs.  Syphren has taken a different approach all together.  Noting that they play cards because of the art and that their competitive background involves playing a 10 player game of Among Us, Syphren certainly doesn’t seem to be min-maxing.  This really points to the beauty of the Seasonal tournament.  Not everyone has to be grinding incessantly to make the Top 32.  In fact, if you play your cards well on the day of the event, you may even be able to sit back and enjoy the game for more than just the competition itself. Regardless, Syphren made an incredible run last Sunday and is looking to repeat that this Sunday in the Seasonal Playoffs.

28. beansforbrains

Besides having one of the funniest names of qualified players (Majin Bae is giving him a run for his money) Beans had a fantastic read on the meta of the Swiss Rounds. When asked about his lineup, his reasoning lined up as trying to target the best decks in the format. He had game against TF/ Fizz, Lee Sin, and even Aphelios strategies. Having a grasp on the meta, especially for a smaller player pool event like the Seasonal, can really pay dividends. He did also describe his playstyle as the type of player who says “Please don’t have it” a lot. This may lead one to believe that they are a careless player, but in an event like the Seasonal Finals, you do need to take calculated risks. The difference between winning and not may be having a risky play pay off. The Seasonal is not like the ladder in that you can’t just play low risk consistent plays all day.  There’s just not enough time, and one loss will end your event. Beansforbrains’ strategy can either end in a big win or a big loss, and that’s what the Seasonal is all about.

27. Lukio

Riven is a champion in Legends of Runeterra that was relatively hyped up before she was released, but has seen very little success competitively. Unfortunately for fans of Riven, she’s been relegated to lower win rates and meme videos. Despite this, Lukio is a big fan of Riven.  Claiming Riven OTK as one of his favorite decks, Lukio is almost certainly longing for days that aren’t dominated by Twisted Fate, Aphelios, and Lee Sin. Are the Seasonal Playoffs the time to bust of the pet deck to try to out-tech the meta?  It’s not my place to make that call, but it certainly could be Lukio’s.

26. Senhorita Doce

*roughly translated from Runeterra Brazil post

A professional Designer, reserved and the youngest Brazilian player in the Seasonal playoffs, Miss Doce considers herself an Aggro / Scout player who is not afraid to face Brazilian or international players. For her, the Chum the Waters has been an overperforming card for her and is a very powerful finisher. His favorite champion is Jinx and is not very comfortable dueling an Anivia on the opponent's deck

25. Dobbi

Dobby is a self-proclaimed OTK/ combo player. In a meta that has been dominated by Twisted Fate and Aphelios, having the ability to play a different over the top strategy is definitely a plus.  Additionally, Lee Sin has been a dominant force in the meta, and last week’s Swiss Rounds proved no different. Dobby mentioned that he has no competitive experience beforehand, but that did not stop him from going 5-0 in a high level field. He is going to need to do that again to claim victory, but being a combo player should bode well for him.

24. Beot

Beot has played at the highest levels in a different card game, Force of Will. In fact, they played in the world championships in Japan a few years ago. They didn’t end up winning that event, and normally the story might end there. However, we specifically know who did win that event:  Our very own caster of the swiss rounds and analyst for this weekend, Boulevard. We asked Boulevard about Beot, and while they weren’t teammates, Beot’s brother was a teammate of Boulevard. This is notable because Beot had a number of friends and family members all playing under Beot related names that were helping him test for the event. Names like Beot’s bro, Beot’s other bro, and the like were all helping Beot practice. We have already seen Beot’s bro help a world champion practice for a high level event, so there’s no reason it can’t happen again.


Shoutouts to Boulevard, and no one else

23. DragonWrath

*roughly translated from Runeterra Brazil post

Already knowledgeable of the Lore of Runeterra having played Heimerdinger and Malzahar in League of Legends, DragonWrath describes himself as a dedicated Deckbuilder who likes primarily Midrange and Combo decks. His best performing card in the Seasonal was Eye of the Dragon and looking at his Top 32 opponents, he says that he would love to play against GwentarTV and ViktorKav. As a fan of theirs, “It would be incredible to play against one of the two.” In addition to being a great admirer of Brazilian players, DragonWrath is a vehement defender of the Ray of Death - Mk 1, noting its versatility in defense at the start of the game and ability to kill elusives. His favorite champion is Ezreal: “Whenever some target mechanics come out, I try to build an Ezreal deck. Be it Ashe / Ezreal Frostbite, Ezreal / Vi Go Hard, or Ezreal / Aphelios while everyone was still paying attention to Viktor.”

22. FPArruda

*roughly translated from Runeterra Brazil post

A Father of two --  2 year old Bento and 10 month old Mateo -- FPArruda takes on the competitive style of play and hides the game a little, stating that he likes all types of Decks and varies from time to time. He shares his schedule as a father and LoR player with a job and comments that he has no preference in facing any player in particular, but that he doesn't enjoy facing the Fiora Shen Decks. The card that best performed for him so far in the Seasonal was Stony Suppressor and his favorite champion is Twisted Fate, claiming his versatility.

21. TheMidnightCobra

When I think of top level card play players, I think of a lot of different things, but National Collegiate Taekwondo champion is generally not one of the things that pops up right away.  TheMidnightCobra however is exactly that. They have competed at some of the highest levels of Martial Arts and are now competing at some of the highest levels of Legends of Runeterra.  They also strive to innovate in all of the games that they play, which is certainly not something that all players can say. For better or worse, many players iterate rather than innovate. Iterating on proven strategies is definitely a tried and true method of playing, but in a tournament like the Seasonal Playoffs innovating new and different strategies can absolutely be the difference between winning and losing. TheMidnightCobra will definitely be a great player to watch from a deck building standpoint come Sunday.

20. ZakkWyIde

When you hear the name ZakkWylde you may be thinking of the lead singer and guitarist of heavy metal group, Black Label Society. By our accounts, this is not that ZakkWylde. In fact, when you think of the heavy metal/rock and roll lifestyle you think of reckless abandon, carefree living, and risk taking. ZakkWylde the LoR player has taken a drastically different approach to their gameplan. He has described his playstyle as “Blowout Averse” meaning that he does not want to let his opponent have massive plays against him. This strategy can of course come in handy in a tournament like the Seasonal. Not allowing yourself to get blown out means that you need to have a very strong understanding of the meta and its intricacies. If ZakkWylde has a good grasp on the meta of this weekend, he may be able to live the rockstar life after taking a Seasonal win.

19. Chomi

Chomi is another player on our list that has high level experience in another game. Chomi has qualified for the Hearthstone Americas cup, which is no small feat. Unfortunately, Chomi mentioned that outside factors have kept his testing for the Legends of Runeterra Seasonal to a minimum.  Despite that, Chomi was able to rely on pure skill and deck choice to carry them to the requisite record to qualify for this weekend. He mentioned having to play Aggro decks because of lack of prep time, so it will be interesting to see if he makes that same choice or if a week of additional testing will change what decks he decides to play.

18. ViktorKav

*roughly translated from Runeterra Brazil post

ViktorKav is mysterious in revealing his strategies. He claims that he can work on any type of deck that has a strong finisher. As a streamer, he also has hidden his gameplay strategies coming into the event. For him, the card that best performed in the Seasonal so far was the new champion Aphelios. However, there are no secrets when it comes to throwing that annoying card out of the deck: “My strategy involved banning Anivia, partly because my decks have a disadvantage, but partly because the matchup against her is very boring.” VikotKav also has his favorite among the underestimated: Purrsuit of Perfection. His favorite champion is Viktor: “My namesake!

17. Maykon

*roughly translated from Runeterra Brazil post

One of the most novice Brazilian participants, Maykon Jaxson is proud to say that he has been playing LoR since Alpha and that his risk-taker style of play suits the Midrange deck styles he likes so much. His best performing card this Season was Aphelios and speaking of favorite champions, Ashe is his queen in this regard. Maykon is not very comfortable playing against Fizz and Twisted Fate, but when talking about Top 32 opponents, the player is not shy about pointing out Kevor24, an international opponent as one of the most interesting players to face in this Season.

16. GwentarTV

*roughly translated from Runeterra Brazil post

GwentarTV is the type of player who reads the opponent and likes to analyze the current and future plays to go about working his deck accordingly. He also defines himself as a Control player, despite having qualified in the Seasonal with Aggro. GwentarTV does not feel very comfortable in facing Draven / Jinx Discard cards, but as for his opponent, he is fearless -- be they Brazilians or otherwise. In his view, the Tasty Faefolk in the Fiora Shen deck is very underrated, as it only improves the deck against Aggro matchups. His favorite champion is Fiora.

15. SapoPlayer

We have seen a variety of professions represented in the Seasonal Playoffs. One that tends to have a proclivity for doing well (for obvious reasons) is game developer. SapoPlayer is in fact a game developer. When your career involves the back end of how games are made, even if they aren’t necessarily card games, you gain a unique perspective on playing games. That unique perspective is something that has obviously paid off for him thus far. He even mentioned that he likes to play combo decks in general, which we know when in a clever pilot’s hands can be a successful combination.

14. Cloudy V1

Cloudy is a Jack of many trades. He has peaked at Rank 1 Legend in Hearthstone and has hit Masters in League of Legends. Both are very impressive feats. What’s perhaps even more interesting about Cloudy is that the Seasonal Swiss rounds were his first Legends of Runeterra tournament. Of course playing in tournaments isn’t the end all be all, but the fact that in his very first tournament he was able to make the top cut is very impressive. We have definitely seen players who have had success in other games also have success in Legends of Runeterra, but it’s far from a guarantee. Cloudy has certainly shown that they have the chops to be at the top level of yet another game.

13. Dokho

*roughly translated from Runeterra Brazil post

Dokho, who is also Pigs InGame's Runeterra Team Manager, considers himself a Control player. His favorite champion is Katarina, but he feels very comfortable playing with all the decks in his lineup. Dokho says that the most underrated card in the game is Gotcha!, and that for sure Atrocity is the card that is the most annoying to play against. He is not particularly comfortable playing against Discard Aggro Decks. For him, the card that had the best performance in the  Seasonal Qualifier was Avalanche, and if he could choose someone to face, it would be Ian Nogueira: "But only in the Grand Final."

12. Deidaraq

Deidaraq identified himself as an aggro player. He mentioned that he wouldn't limit himself to only aggro, but that he is an aggro player at heart. There was much talk of the infamous Triple Aggro lineups from the SEA region of the Seasonal qualifier, but they didn’t really have much success in the Americas region. That may actually play to Deidaraq’s advantage though, as the best time to pull out an aggro lineup is when no one is expecting it. Aggro lovers may want to keep a close eye on Deidaraq this weekend.

11. AudienceOfOne

AudienceOfOne’s competitive background is in a game called Star Wars Destiny. For those unfamiliar with the game, it is essentially like most TCG’s with the unique exception of actually being based around rolling dice. Not just any dice, though, but unique hero dice made specifically for the Star Wars characters you featured in your deck. This lead to many critics of the game thinking that it relied too heavily on RNG when in fact the game was very skill intensive. Yes, there is RNG in the game, but it’s how the player reacts to results of the randomness that allow for skill expression. Legends of Runenterra, and most card games for that matter, have this type of skill expression even if on a smaller scale. AudienceOfOne not only being able to react to different outcomes but being used to doing so at a higher level, certainly speaks volumes about them as a player. There are other parallels between the two games, perhaps even more so than games like MTG or Hearthstone, so we truly believe that AudienceOfOne may be a ChampionOfOne atop the Seasonal bracket.

10. nalkpas

Nalkpas comes from the competitive MTG scene where he is better known by his IRL name, Allen Wu. He is actually a former member of the Play Design team for MTG, and in fact won an MTG pro and 3 MTG Grand Prix. If it weren’t for another player in the Top 32 who we’ll talk about later, Nalkpas would likely be the most accomplished TCG player we’ve seen in our Seasonal Playoffs. That said, Nalkpas certainly has had competitive results at the absolute highest level of TCG play. That compounded with the fact that he also worked as a game developer of a TCG leaves Nalkpas as a real contender for this event. The only question is his specific Runeterra results, but we have definitely seen other TCG experience translate well into Legends of Runeterra.

9. TheBlackBoss

*roughly translated from Runeterra Brazil post

TheBlackBoss does not hide its taste for decks of the Midrange type and considers himself a great Deckbuilder in that aspect. From his point of view, Twisted Fate was the champion who best performed for him so far in the Seasonal and reveals he wants to face IanNogueira in the Grand Finals. Talking about champions, he doesn't feel very comfortable facing Aphelios and points out Hecraim as his favorite champion so far.

8. FiVE

Five is a player that we haven’t really seen in the Legends of Runeterra tournament scene. We have, however, seen a lot of Five in the LoR competitive circles. He tends to post interesting decks on twitter, and also has hit rank #1 on the SEA ladder. When asked about why he chose his decks, he said that his decks are “Skill intense to outplay the opponents”. While this is the mindset of a lot of top level players, it’s a bold choice to make in an event of this caliber. Sure, you can outplay the first few rounds of the qualifier rounds, but can you do that in the field of 32? Luckily for us, we’ll get to see this Sunday.

7. Sweetbear

Sweetbear is another player in the Top 32 that has a lot of previous competitive experience. They are a previous Gold level MTG pro who have 4 Grand Prix Top 8’s. We’ve talked about that level of event with previous players, but it’s worth reiterating that a Grand Prix is basically an in person Seasonal-sized even over the course of two days. While there are players in the Top 32 who have similar accomplishments, there’s one other accomplishment that’s worth noting. In the past week since the Seasonal Qualifier, Sweetbear has took to the ladder and taken the number 1 slot. When writing the Top 10 players to watch article, Sweetbear was not in the running for top spot and in fact had under 1000 lp. As of the Saturday before the Seasonal Playoffs, Sweetbear has overtaken Wraptero for the number 1 spot, pushing almost 1500 lp.  Qualifying for the Top 32 is one thing, but pushing the ladder after you’ve already qualified is a feat in and of itself.

6. iannogueira

*roughly translated from Runeterra Brazil post

Ian says that he has always been passionate about card games and even opened a store in the industry when he lived in Brasíl. He fell in love with LoR mechanics in the Beta and is flattered to represent the country in this event. He describes himself as a player who makes safe decisions, but who knows when to take a risk. His favorite type of deck is Tempo and the card that performed best for him so far in the Seasonal was Zoe. Ian has no problem facing any card or deck, but he feels that he has been underestimating Stress Test, which has proven to be a synergistic tool of absurd value. 

5. Henneky

Henneky is the first of 3 players who made a Seasonal playoff last season. Considering that they are number 5 on our list, you can imagine just how much weight that holds. Making the top cut of two events in a row is a feat in and of itself, but the fact that Henneky made the top cut back to back in single elimination events is truly impressive. When asked about his previous competitive experience, Henneky said they really don’t have much besides having played in a Pokemon Draft League. This almost speaks even higher of Henneky as a competitor because he doesn’t necessarily have the tournament experience that a lot of the other players have, but still has performed in consecutive Seasonals. Henneky wasn’t able to seal the deal last Seasonal, but is definitely back here in the Top 32 again for a reason.

4. Glop

Glop has been one of the top players and streamers for quite a while. He actually made it into our Top 10 Players to Watch article from last Seasonal. He didn’t make the list for this Seasonal because, honestly, we weren’t sure if he was going to play. Glop did push the ladder very hard at the beginning of the season, but has been on a bit of a hiatus for the past weeks and months because of school. The uncertainty behind Glop was always whether or not he will play, not whether he will play well. Now that the uncertainty is gone, the gates are open for Glop. He has one of the best winrates of all time in our Fight Night events. Glop is here and has one of the best LoR test groups behind him, which can certainly help him make up for lost time.

3. MajiinBae

Majin is the second of three players to make back to back Seasonal Playoffs. Since last Seasonal, Majin has made a name for themselves as a streamer and content creator.  Majin even made our Top 10 Players to Watch article from this Seasonal because he really has doubled down on competitive LoR. From hitting rank #1 on the ladder to starting to dabble in other LoR tournaments, Majin has really been finding their spot in the LoR scene having come from MTG. He isn’t as accomplished as some of the other players on the list in terms of tournament results and experience, but when you look at everything that Majin has done since we originally featured him on this very list last Season, the growth is spectacular.

2. Wraptero

We alluded to Wraptero in our writeup of Nalkpas as being the most accomplished competitive TCG player in our Top 32. For those in the MTG community, Wraptero needs no introduction.  He is literally in the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Fame. On top of the competitive MTG experience, Wraptero has also quietly been in the Legends of Runeterra scene since the initial beta phases of LoR. Wrapter has been at the top of the ladder for many seasons now, and in fact qualified for the Top 32 last season as well. Wraptero not only plays well, but also is a deck innovator. I see him tinkering at the top of the ladder with some very interesting decks, and in fact was one of the first players to play Aphelios Twisted Fate. Honestly, the only surprising thing about Wraptero is that he qualified for this Seasonal Playoff with a 4-1 record. We saw a dent in the armor, but will it be enough for anyone to overcome?

1. Kevor

We got to witness first hand the absolutely dominating performance that Kevor put on last week.  It should not be any surprise that he is rated number 1 on our power rankings list. What’s really surprising is that he was rated number 2 on our players to watch list and somehow still went up in ranking! For those who didn’t get a chance to watch the Seasonal Swiss rounds (You can check out the VOD here) Kevor not only 5-0’d the Swiss rounds, but actually went 10-0 in games. Kevor absolutely dominated the Swiss rounds with top play and an excellent lineup.  Kevor and his playgroup found a way to play both Twisted Fate / Fizz and Aphelios Bilgewater for the Boxtopus interaction. The innovation of Aphelios /Tahm Kench really blew up a lot of players’ lineup strategy by eliminating the opportunity for a player’s ban to take out both Twisted Fate and the Boxtopus interaction. Tahm Kench also does a pretty good job of fighting Twisted Fate strategies himself. Will Kevor be able to innovate again for this smaller meta, or will he run back the lineup that he 10-0’d the Qualifier rounds with?

That’s it for our Top 32 Power rankings. This Sunday should be an absolute blast to watch. Let us know on Twitter who you’re rooting for, and make sure to check out the action live on the official Legends of Runeterra Channels!

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