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Summoner Series Player Profile: Joshrick “Starting” Narag

Success comes from practice, intention, and a little bit of luck. After losing only 4 games since July, Tribe Gaming has become the Summoner Series Champions and North America’s representative at Wild Rift’s first international event: the Horizon Cup. On the roster are players with filled trophy cases, except for the young mid-laner Joshrick “Starting” Narag. Dominating his region, Starting is hoping that his success can be replicated in Singapore to win his first international trophy.

When he was introduced to the wonderful world of competitive gaming, Starting was only 11. He began by playing League of Legends at a friend's house, only playing two games a week. Eventually wanting more, Starting was led to mobile MOBAs. He had to play on his mom’s phone whenever he could. He secured high placements on the ladder and became the youngest professional player at 12 years old. Although he received an offer to join DNZio in what would become his future championship roster with Ttigers, Starting held his commitment to his teammates and decided not to leave them without their star player. Starting did not start winning out of the gate: a run of 5th place finishes laid the foundation for his highest placement during the Winter regular season: - a second-place finish with Ttigers. He started as a jungler, roaming the monster-infested lands, manufacturing his leads through farming and objective play. As time went on, Starting found it much easier to carry games by laning - evident in his play during the Summoner Series where the mid lane was a pain point for teams playing against Tribe. Eventually, Wild Rift became available in the West, and Starting wanted to secure his place on a winning roster. Ttigers had played with Starting on a previous team; the rest is history.

When looking back on the Summoner Series, Starting notes his favorite series being the Upper Semifinals of the Regional Championship against Cloud9. He felt Tribe played to their expectations with one of the cleanest series they had played so far. After losing to NME at the RiftMSTRS Invitational, Starting had a sigh of relief; there were clear things Tribe needed to work on if they wanted to dominate the Championship and future international events. Starting found competition in his lane hard to come by. Only three names came to mind: NME Truth, IMT Hoon, and Choncc Chortle's Mali. Whether it’s Truth’s massive champion pool, Hoon’s impeccable team fighting, or Starting’s shotcalling, each could not conquer the mountain that was Tribe Gaming in time for the Championship.

Starting’s eyes are now set on the Horizon Cup, looking to win the international event with his award-winning team. Chuck, Ttigers, MaxGreen, and OldSkool have all won medals and trophies in Singapore, so Starting is filled with motivation to win all over again. Starting, just like Ttigers, is confident in Tribe’s ability to adapt to any tough situation they find themselves in against the fast-paced SEA and Chinese teams. SBTC and ThunderTalk Gaming are public favorites for the event, but Starting has made it clear that North America is criminally underrated. He acknowledges that while they do play a lot faster than Western regions, these teams make very risky plays for little reward. To Starting, this high tolerance for risk is not what creates champions - just highly skilled players. Another team Starting is interested in competing against is Team Queso. NA vs EU is a rivalry built centuries ago that still permeates any competition between the two regions. The banter has become too loud for Starting; he wants to humble the European representatives, especially since the former Tribe.EU team (now RixGG) lost first place after mocking their sister team’s strategy.

Now 18 years old, Starting has been competing for 6 years - a third of his life has been spent playing professional mobile esports. Despite minimal success early on, Starting has won back-to-back Majors and the Regional Championship in Wild Rift with Tribe Gaming. An empty trophy case no longer, Joshrick “Starting” Narag has the entirety of a region’s hopes on his shoulders. Eight teams enter the Horizon Cup, eight regions want to win the first international event for Wild Rift - but only one can take the title. North America’s Tribe Gaming will take the stage on November 13 and attempt to make Starting a worldwide name in Wild Rift.

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