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TFT Fates World Championship - Day 2 Recap

The second day of the TFT Fates World Championship brought its fair share of surprises. Here's the scoop: 

  • China’s three remaining competitors were knocked out along with three of NA’s finest; France’s Lyyyress and Ging from Turkey will join them on the sidelines.
  • UK’s rep Lallana topped the standings in Day 2 and 8LJayWalking from Korea was right behind him.
  • RamKev is now NA’s last hope.
  • For his second day in a row, ZyK0o narrowly avoided elimination and squeezed into the Top 8. This time, by beating out NA’s DQA in the tiebreaker. He and Pas De Bol look to repeat their country’s stellar performance in the previous World’s and keep the championship trophy in France.
  • Razza, OCE’s lone representative, kept his region's dreams of victory (and additional qualifier spots) alive with a clutch win in the final lobby!
  • Our Korean and Japanese competitors are still in it to win it!

Top 3 Comps

Top 3 Comps - Day 2

Day 2 saw Slayers’ dominance diminish and the rise of the three-star carry. Nine out of the ten game-winners had a 3-star carry. Aurelion Sol, Kennen, Shyvana, Morgana, Kalista, and Neeko.

6 Dragonsoul comps powered by 3-star carries won three of the ten games played.

While Slayer remains the most seen comp in the Top 3, it won only a single game throughout the day. 

The remaining wins went to a myriad of different comps: Fabled, Brawler, Enlightened, 9-Cultist, Keeper, and Sivir. That's eight different comps winning in ten games, talk about diversity! Thanks Mort! 

Day 2 Standings

Day 2 - Final Standings (image courtesy of Riot Games)


We saw a fairly even split in Top 3 comps in Day 2. The rise of Enlightened indicates that there are indeed a wide variety of viable comps (YAY!). Kayle saw a fair amount of play today and Cultist-9 with a Kalista carry is looking solid too.

With 90% of the winning comps featuring a three-star carry, we have to wonder whether the reroll meta ever left. 

Who will emerge victorious on the final day and what comps will take them there? Will France take their second consecutive World Championship or will we see a new region snatch the crown? 

We'll soon find out on Day 3 of the TFT Fates World Championship! 

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