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The Road to Worlds: Mr eMOEtional Player Profile

With Worlds fast approaching, it seems only right that I introduce you to the fastest player qualified for Worlds: Mr eMOEtional aka Don MoeZera aka the self-proclaimed “best aggro player in Runeterra” aka the Rise of the Underworlds Seasonal champion aka Moe.

While today he may be a successful part-time streamer and Seasonal champion, the first time I heard of Moe was when he signed up to play in the Liga Brasileira de Legends of Runeterra (LBR) under the flag of Team Hydra. I was a little fuzzy on the regulations at the time but as far as I could tell he was going to be one of if not the first United States player to compete in the league, exemplifying his drive for competition. He even used some of that drive to run one of his own tournaments, a single-deck showmatch tournament used to show off one of the more hotly debated formats among competitive players. Of course “hotly debated” and Moe goes hand in hand, as he has a tendency to find himself in hot water in and out of game. In-game he was able to coin the phrase “pulling a Moe”, which is when you lose 700lp the week of the Seasonal. In fact, at the Monuments of Power Seasonal Moe was ranked #9 on Giant Slayers top 10 players to watch, only to lose all of his lp and fail to qualify for the Seasonal via ladder. He managed to secure his spot through the last chance gauntlet, but he was certainly playing with fire. Another example came up during the Empires of the Ascended Seasonal - Moe was out of Top 32 contention very early on and didn’t play out the remaining rounds, feeling that if he was going to qualify for Worlds it would never be off Seasonal points as he would either win the event or scrub out, no in-between. After a 9-0 swiss run at Guardians of the Ancients and an 8-1 run at Rise of the Underworlds, Moe would have been all but secured in Seasonal points if he had played out that first one. But true to his word, it didn’t end up mattering. Outside of the game...I’ll let you spend some time on his Twitter and see if you can figure it out.

But what about his playstyle? Surely an individual as uniquely constructed as Moe plays some of the hardest, most complex decks imaginable, right? Right. While his Twitter bio boasts the difficult to contest claim “best aggro player in the world”, Moe has shown that he’s able to play anything he puts his mind to. While the difficulty of aggro is a debate that will go on until the end time, it’s at least agreed upon that his signature deck, Jinx/Draven Discard Aggro, is one of the most difficult aggro decks to pilot at the highest level. There’s a reason he was the first one to win a Seasonal with it. And this poses a huge implication for Worlds competitors - you cannot ignore the aggro boogeyman. After all, he did boast a 22-2 record across the last 2 Seasonals with triple aggro, so it’s impossible for competitors to ignore the possibility that Moe could bring his tried and true. They’ll be playing in the very early stages of a meta, and that is usually where aggro shines the brightest. Between Moe and LGamesBR, Discard is sure to make a splash in the qualifier rounds.

Usually, I like to try and narrow down players to a few digestible sentences if I can, but with Moe it’s hard. There’s a lot of character to try and squish that into a convenient box and while it would be simple to tell you he’s the hot headed bad boy of Runeterra, Moe breaks character too often for that. A lot of his content is aimed at newer players, going so far as to make whole videos about the fastest way to build up a collection so you can start playing the game how you want. He’s shown a lot of maturity when he loses and stays humble when he narrowly misses the win. But not all the time - sometimes he still has to live up to that badboy status he’s worked so hard to cultivate for himself. 

So why should you root for Moe at the upcoming World Championship? It’s because he’s the triple aggro player personified. Aggro is often vilified by the community at large in every card game, as people tend to like to lose in 15 minutes rather than 5 for some reason. There’s a common misconception that the decks are easy, that the people who play them are “less than” their peers. It’s curious isn’t it, how aggro is so easy that anyone could 9-0 with it, and yet only Moe did. How aggro is coinflippy and inconsistent, yet over 2 of the largest events in Runeterra Moe kept up an unheard of 91% win rate. Anyone could win with aggro - and yet only Moe did. There’s a lot of reasons you could come up with to justify this, but there’s only one natural conclusion; Moe is simply built different.

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