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The Road to Worlds: Jacowaco Player Profile

When I (Boulevard) wrote about Iannogueira it was impossible not to mention the Liga Brasileira de Legends of Runeterra (LBR), a team league spanning several weeks with primarily Brazilian players and teams. These kinds of events are a lot of fun for me as a caster as they help introduce me to new players from all over the world that I probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Another such league is the Liga Latinoamericana de Legends of Runeterra (LRA). The LRA is a league comprising of the rest of Latin America (and Spain) that runs for the span of months. 

One of my favorite teams that competes in the LRA is One Turn Kill Club, otherwise known as Team OTK. Not only is it the home of some of my favorite Argentinian players like Void and Orb Meister, but it’s also the home of their only countryman currently qualified for the World Championship: Jacowaco.

While he was announced to have joined the team just 3 weeks before the Guardians of the Ancient Seasonal, he apparently wasted no time in preparing with the team and going on to be one of the only 9-0 players in the event. His lineup of Azir/Irelia, Overwhelm, and his signature Frostbite Midrange remained unchanged from the swiss portion to the top cut and took him all the way to a 2nd place finish. Going 9-0 is no easy feat, and neither was making it all the way to the finals with the bracket that he was faced with. In order to make it to Duckling in the first place he had to go through 3 Brazilian all stars: Successro, Ez2win, and LGamesBR. It was so impressive in fact, that ESPN took notice. More recently he found himself in 2nd place again at the Copa America LRA tournament, a team event run by the LRA where players were divided by country. And even more recently than that, at the Rise of the Underworlds Seasonal, he finished with an impressive 7-2 record. While his ladder placement wasn’t enough to top the tournament this time, it’s still a noteworthy accomplishment.

Normally when I write these I focus more on the player, not the person. I could tell you their favorite food (chicken milanese with french fries) or what they do outside of gaming, but for the most part when you tune in to watch someone you’re going to see the player, not the person. And so I want to connect you to the player. But every now and then there’s a bridge between the two and a correlation is made, as is the case with Jacowaco. You see, Jacowaco designs games for a living. Having seen RubinZoo at the #1 spot on the AM ladder a few times, I think the Legends of Runeterra community is pretty familiar with how good game designers are at video games. On top of that, Jaco also has at least one Magic the Gathering tournament top under his belt. We’ve seen game designers and MTG players alike compete at the highest level in the past, so it’s no surprise that Jaco follows in the wake. 

Now if you’ll put on your tinfoil hats and indulge me for a second, I’d like to tell you why we should have known Jaco was going to do as well as he did in the Guardians of the Ancient Seasonal. In the past I’ve made mention of players and their placement on Giant Slayer’s Top 32 Power Rankings list, and Jaco was the most recent addition to my grandiose theory that Blevins can see the future. You see, Jaco wasn’t ranked #1. #1 is a garbage spot, it’s arbitrary and means nothing. No, Jacowaco was very importantly ranked #14. Other players who have held this coveted spot include Erigby and Henneky, who’s highlighted names imply that I have written about them as well because they’re also qualified for Worlds. I wasn’t able to find much regarding Jaco prior to his success at the Guardians of the Ancient Seasonal, so obviously if I were to make power rankings for Worlds on the spot he wouldn’t be #1. But taking into consideration his recent string of 2nd places, the incredible team he has behind him, and his country rooting him on, rank 14 might be the perfect place for Jacowaco to show us what he’s made of again.

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