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The Road to Worlds: Puyshpii Player Profile

Back in December of last year, what feels like an eternity ago, we crowned our first set of champions at the Monuments of Power Seasonal tournament. While being the first to do something of this calibur will usually cement you within the history of a game, that's not always the case. The harsh reality is that while walking orally historians of the game (like me, Boulevard) will always remember you, your average player only remembers the brightest stars to ever shine. But Puyshpii (pronounced Push-Pea mostly, or like this for those of you with the talent) has not been lost to the tomes of my own mental library - he’s actually a really recognizable community figurehead despite a very light competitive resume compared to some of the other Worlds qualified players. 

For those of you who remember the Monuments of Power Seasonal, it wasn’t the sunshine and rainbows it should have been for Runeterra’s first major competition in the west. Most of the discussion about the event centered on the format, and how it was not conducive to the best player winning the tournament. The community was divided, and harsh. As a grassroots caster, I was really rooting for one of our tournament regulars to win the event and silence some of the negativity. So when a relatively unknown player in Puyshpii eventually took down the event, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Not from the community, and certainly not from our first Seasonal champion. But as soon as Puyshpii hopped on the broadcast for an interview, I was entranced. With something as simple as explaining the pronunciation and origin of his gamer tag, I and many others within the community were instantly won over. In the following days and weeks, Puyshpii continued to be everything that you could have asked for out of a champion - he was humble, he was grateful, and he was an absolute delight

When his champions interview was released during the Cosmic Creation Seasonal, you could instantly tell that Puyshpii hadn’t really lost any of the wonder from his win. He was still the same down-to-earth guy he was when he had won, and now felt more like he had a place within the community. He eventually went on to join fellow Seasonal champion MajiinBae on the Mastering Runeterra Pro Team, which he still represents today. While the powerhouse team of Seasonal toppers is a competitive force to be reckoned with, the collective also puts out a lot of beginner friendly, introductory type content to help the community grow.

Puyshpii has been invaluable in helping to set an example for other Seasonal champions out of game. But, when it comes time for the World Championship, will he be able to put the niceties aside and play for keeps? It’s hard to say. We’ve seen his teammates Henneky and MajiinBae seemingly flip a switch and turn into monsters in game, but Puyshpii not so much. Now part of this could be just a lack of seeing Puyshpii compete - his only other tournament top on record was at the Mastering Runeterra Open #2. There he ran a similar lineup to his Seasonal win - 2 meta staples and one deck that was a little more on the outskirts. With only 2 events to go off of it would be unfair to pigeonhole him into this kind of lineup at all times, but the success of it can’t be denied. While the Seasonal win speaks for itself, the Mastering Runeterra Open #2 Top 8 was nearly half comprised of Worlds qualified players, including fellow Seasonal champion Duckling. Puyshpii seems to have found a formula that works for him, as his wildcard third deck is something that's continuously catching players off guard.

Despite being a Seasonal champion and the first one at that, Puyshpii feels like an underdog. His resume is much lighter than some of the other player’s he’ll be taking on in September, but that’s how it was in December as well. It’s a known territory for him, and one that he actually thrives in given the deck lineups we’ve seen him bring in the past. But regardless of his performance, Puyshpii has made a fan out of me. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to bear the title he earned, and when push(pii) comes to shove, I’m sure he’ll have no problem reminding his opponents exactly how he got it.

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