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Wild Rift: Summoner Series Player Spotlight - "Mali" (Choncc Chortle)

In the Last Chance Qualifier, anything goes. Two spots remain for the Regional Championship and the remaining teams want to prove themselves worthy of a seat at the table. Some rosters are constructed to dominate the scene with the best players, and some are made of players who still want to compete but have no team. After playing with Brawl Star Pros (BSP) for months, Mali now finds themselves on Choncc Chortle (CC) with a question: Since they’re no longer playing with friends, are they capable of making a Top 4 run?

From the start of the summer, Mali has played with one roster consistently. This consisted of OGBS, Ericex, and CoriGG. They had a squad that wasn’t smashing but performing well enough. Mali joined simply for the fun of playing- making content on their YouTube and growing a steady following after two years of montages and gameplay videos. After playing with some friends from another mobile game, they decided to participate in tournaments across North America.  All of that stopped to compete in Wild Rift. Once they started to see results, Mali stuck with what was successful and continues to be a consistent player in the scene. When talking about personal influences, Mali quotes two players: Tribe Starting and NME Truth. It’s easy to see just in their results as to why these two players stand out so much - back-to-back Majors Finalists and Top 2 seeds going into the Regional Championships.

In the Summoner Series, Mali had Top 8 finishes in the Qualifiers and has appeared in every single Major on three different teams. The first Major saw them substituting for Meals on Cloud9 versus Sentinels, where they were able to contribute a win and help them move on during Day 1. The second Major with Brawl Star Pros had Mali facing future finalists NME in the first round and getting knocked out by Sentinels in the Lower Bracket. In each of those series, Mali was able to take a game off them- showing the team’s ability to upset the better teams. After that, Mali showed up in the Second Qualifier with a brand new team and fresh faces. Choncc Chortle made a dominant run there, going against some old teammates and landing the 7th seed in the third Major. Again, Mali took a swift exit in the Upper Bracket thanks to Cloud9 but made it to Lower Quarter Finals before losing to Sentinels. Mali’s Wild Rift career has been short but consistent with 5th-6th place finishes. The skill of this player is undeniable, being able to make Majors on a brand new team.

Looking back on these events, Mali is making improvements from series to series too. Though they state drafts as a point of contention, Choncc Chortle struck gold with a strong Dragon lane pairing for Nori and Hestia, the latter who would roam to apply pressure with jungler Eighties and Mali. Nori on a capable marksman can easily shot-call the team from a position of power. Choncc’s identity is stronger than some of the top teams in the Summoner Series. Another problem was an obvious lack of synergy and time with the team, which they’ve improved on immensely during the Third Circuit. Mali references a better understanding of the game and rapid improvement in team play for their success. When asked about the future, Mali recognizes that the team will need to find their stride if they win the Last Chance Qualifier as their first opponents might be Tribe and NME. With the Last Chance Qualifier around the corner, Choncc Chortle fears no other team that can attend- their eyes are already set on making the Regional Championship.

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