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Wild Rift: Summoner Series Player Spotlight - Ray "Ttigers" Han (Tribe Gaming)

An undefeated qualifier run, a near-flawless 18-3 game score, and two Major victories. All the products of what feels like natural champions. Very rarely does a game look outside of Tribe Gaming’s hands, each member working like a well-coordinated machine. Ttigers would attribute it to how well his teammates are playing and how hard work has paid off. It almost feels strange that the last Major in the Wild Rift Summoner Series won’t have Tribe attending, but that in itself is a testament to their success. Instead, they’ll spend that time preparing for the North American Regional Finals coming October 8-10th. With only one spot up for grabs for NA in the upcoming World Championship, it’s been a long road of training for Tribe to reach this point. Needless to say, Ttigers is hungry to add another World Championship title to his belt.

With his start attributed to his brother, mobile gaming came easily to Ttigers. Upon joining a team, he regularly finished Top 3 in regular season play, which seems to be reflected in how well Tribe has done in the qualifiers and Majors as a whole. After winning a World Championship in Vainglory, there was a period of rest before the announcement of Wild Rift’s launch. Immediately, Ttigers moved to League of Legends to see how the framework of the game felt and rose to the top 1% of players in NA. The release on mobile couldn’t come fast enough, as he had already started to recruit some former teammates to create a team. Already a part of the Tribe network since 2017, it wasn’t hard to get MaxGreen and OldSkool. Meanwhile, Chuck and Starting felt like natural fits and since their debut back in March, the tournament results have been almost perfect.

In a brand new environment, Ttigers seems to be adjusting well to the changes. The most noticeable difference is the strength of teams in the competitive scene. Coming from a title where North America were true contenders at an international level and the battle for number one in the region was close between three or four teams, Wild Rift’s five-on-five format has diluted some of the powerhouses’ strengths. Ttigers has shown multiple times now that his team is a cut above the rest and the quality of practice has helped to develop the style we see from the team. Carry performances can be seen within every player in a game. With early priority coming from the Dragon Lane, the first few minutes for Ttigers are set up for success. There was not  a game in the Second Major where Tribe was behind a significant amount of gold or control on the map. Thanks to Starting’s champion pool, the mid laner can easily show up to assist Ttigers’ aggression with Twisted Fate or Lucian. This formula for success has led to Tribe being the most dominant team, with very little coaching behind them. With content for Wild Rift in its infancy, a lot of learning has been transferred over from other MOBA esports. Helping out younger players develop not only as players and teammates, but as people, has brought on a lot of discussion as to their legitimacy and effectiveness as coaches. 

Teams like Sentinels have PierceJ, someone who can match players in skill and is frequently high on the ranked ladder, whereas Tribe has HotsauceUT who takes on a more managerial position. Review can be a double-edged sword: too many cooks in the kitchen can lead to overcrowding of ideas, too little of what could be better and you’re bound to repeat those same mistakes.

Tribe Gaming has five weeks before the Regional Championships. During that time, we’ll have two more qualifiers for four teams to make their mark: a Major where a new winner will be crowned and the Top 4 move on, and the Last Chance Qualifier for teams to compete for Top 2. The quality of play from the First Major to the Second has risen dramatically. We’ve seen over nine unique teams attempt to take Ttigers’ squad down. Some have gotten close but none have overthrown the kings. Will Tribe Gaming be North America’s best shot at a World Championship in Wild Rift or are usurpers waiting in the shadows? We’ll find out come October.

~ AlkBattery

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