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Wild Rift: Summoner Series Player Spotlight - Tanner "Rest" Scadden (Sentinels)

Hey everyone, Wild Rift: Summoner Series color caster AlkBattery here with the first of what will be a string of coverage throughout the next couple months focusing on some of the players and teams participating in the event.

Wild Rift esports has been heating up in North America, with the first Major showcasing the deep pool of players that the region has to offer. Coming into the First Circuit, expectations were high for a team like Sentinels - these players hold multiple championship titles across a score of different titles, a veteran in almost every position. This means anything but a Top 4 finish is far from satisfactory. After a 5th-6th exit in the Major, Rest is looking to claim a spot at the top and qualify for the Regional Championship.

Rest traded in the mouse and keyboard for a tablet during college. His career has been a flash of brilliance in competitive play. After a year of dominating play in the North American Arena of Valor, he left the scene to become a software engineer. The release of Wild Rift had caught Rest’s attention and his natural talent led him to place highly on the ladder. Without a team and no serious intent to play, the story could’ve ended there. However, with Sentinels wanting to compete in the Summoner Series and the last-minute roster change to the Dragon Lane, Rest found himself readying up to play in the First Circuit the day before the Qualifiers began in a completely different role. 

Rest has been a Support player since he started playing mobile games and had only been playing the Duo position for a month. Two supports in the Dragon Lane would ordinarily make the trade of mechanics and deep understanding of the lane for better play around the map and engage angles. Rest noted that the most important thing he’s learned is the need for trust in teammates to perform their roles. The burden of starting a fight for your team typically falls on tanky and mobile supports, not the squishy and mostly stationary marksman - something Rest has come to understand with more time. You can see this in some of their games, where he and the rest of his team struggle to position optimally in order to maximize damage without sacrificing themselves. With some early-game struggles to pair with this, Sentinels are a team that will need time to find an identity and generate more team cohesion to catch up with others who have been playing together for longer. Compared to previous titles, Rest cites better competition in Wild Rift as a driving factor for his play. He is used to being the best in the region on other teams in previous titles. With teams like Tribe, NME, and Cloud9 all raising the bar of execution, Rest is motivated to exceed his limits and help Sentinels push for a Championship win.

Sentinels, previously 30K, came into the First Qualifier of the First Circuit with a lot of pedigree and expectations to be a cut above the rest. As we saw more of the competition, the team struggled to keep up with some of the others in the Major - check out our recap of the Major in case you missed it! As a member of the broadcast, we all agreed that Sentinels are the equivalent of the height requirements for roller coasters: you must be equal or better than this team to be a top contender in the Wild Rift Summoner Series. Sentinels are searching for a Top 4 placement and will be competing in the Second Circuit, so there is still time for this squad to grow and rise to its potential.

For ongoing coverage of the Wild Rift: Summoner Series over the next couple months, make sure to follow along with the action at GiantSlayerWR and tune in to the start of Second Circuit with Qualifier 1 broadcast by Nerd Street today at 2pm PT/5pm ET!

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