Giant Slayer

Teamfight Tactics Dictionary

All In

Definition - Spending all of your gold.


BIS / Best In Slot

Definition - The best 3 items to put on your champion.

Origin - Originated from early MMOs such as Everquest and Ultima Online.



Definition - The most important champion in your composition, typically with 3 full items.


Cash Out

Definition - When a lose-streaking mercenary/fortune player wins the round and gets loot (Ex. Neekos, items, etc)



Definition - Putting an item that affects the fight once you see what the fight will look like, typically done with Zephyr and Shroud of Stillness.


Donkey Rolling

Definition - Rolling down to 0 every single turn.



Definition - Focusing on interest rather than maximum board strength.



Definition - Being open to playing a large variety of compositions and champions.



Definition - Hitting upgrades or S tier units without rolling any gold. Generally getting lucky.


Hyper Rolling

Definition - Rolling all of your gold on stage 3-1 before you become level 5 in order to get low-cost champions.



Definition - The number of rounds until you get knocked out.



Definition - Rolling gold and not hitting any upgraded units. Generally getting unlucky. 



Definition - Getting unlucky.


Open Forting

Definition - Intentionally decreasing the strength of your board to earn interest.

Origin - Strategy named by the Chinese Dota Auto Chess community for selling your whole board to earn interest.



Definition - Leveling until there is 2 xp before the next level to level naturally and obtain better shop odds.



Definition - Swapping compositions from one to another.


Reroll Comp

Definition - A composition that focuses on cheap 3-star champions.



Definition - Holding onto your gold, knowing that you will probably lose rounds until you spend it, in order to spike later.



Definition - Looking at other players’ boards.


Slamming Items

Definition - Creating items early for power, typically on stage 2-1.


Slow Rolling 

Definition - Rolling above 50 gold every turn.



Definition - Greatly increasing the strength of your board in one turn.



Definition - Winning or losing multiple rounds in a row, gaining bonus gold.


The Soju Special

Definition - Leveling quickly to 9, rolling very little gold, hitting nothing, complaining, and then dying the next turn.

Origin - Soju’s Twitch chat