Leaderboard points are awarded to players based on snapshots taken from the official TFT ladder. Snapshots are taken on a weekly basis on Wednesdays at 12:01 AM PDT. The website leaderboard will be updated by Wednesdays at 1:00 AM PDT. Leaderboard points will be one route by which to enter the Challenger Series and NA Regional Finals. [Please see Dawnbringer Cup, Nightbringer Cup and Reckoning  Mid-Set Finale for separate eligibilities]  

  • 10 players from Set 5 Reckoning overall tab will qualify for Regional Finals 
  • 2 players from Set 5.5 Reckoning snapshot will qualify for Regional Finals. 
  • Each Challenger Series will be based off of the previous snapshot only. 

Points are given in inverse order with Rank 1 receiving 100 points, Rank 2 receiving 99 points, and so forth. Players must play a minimum of 10 ranked games each week to be eligible for the current week's points. The “Eligible” column will say “no” if players haven’t completed 10 games that week.

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Set 5: Every Wednesday 12:01am PT starting from May 12th and ending on July 7th. 

Snapshot weeks: 

  • May 12 
  • May 19
  • May 26
  • June 2
  • June 9
  • June 16
  • June 23
  • June 30
  • July 7

Set 5.5 (the mid-set update): 

  • July 28th
  • Riot and Giant Slayer employees and players who are not permanent residents of the NA region are not eligible for tournament invites based on ladder snapshots. 
  • Only the top 100 players each week will receive points. 
  • Tournament Tiebreakers:
    • 1st Tiebreaker: Highest peak rank throughout Set 5. 
    • 2nd Tiebreaker: Highest rank in the most recent snapshot [not including a dropped week]
  • If you believe there is an issue regarding the snapshots, please email the Giant Slayer TFT team.
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